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This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween --danny elfman, "this is halloween"

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Have a Marvelous Halloween, All!


RECYCLED HALLOWEEN BLOG POSTS: The Men of Haddonfield Illinois

*originally posted on 8.18.08

Haddonfield Illinois is so well known for it's most infamous resident, Michael Audrey Meyers, that one wonders about the other sons of this mid-western town.

Wonder no longer; presented for your approval:

The Men of Haddonfield:

This corn-fed son of the Prairie State, who here so proudly flashes his abs of steel, was the boyfriend of the late, Judith Margret Myers. Playful, quick and energetic, this never-named- young-man, quickly brushed off the death of his beloved in 1963 and found fame and fortune as a physique model for Bruce of Los Angeles and later for the Athletic Model Guild.
Don Strode, owner of Haddonfield's premiere real estate company, Strode Reality; Besides being the adoptive father of Laurie, Mr. Strode was a known man about town, and was rumored to be "hung like a horse". Before the tragic occurrences in his hometown, Mr. Strode and his wife hosted key-parties with other Haddonfield couples including The Wallace's and The Doyle's. Most of Haddonfield's desperate housewives (and a few of the husbands) were said to be infatuated with the well hung realtor.
While not an actual resident of Haddofield, Dr. Terrance Wynn, head of Smith's Grove Sanatorium was a known player at some of Haddonfield's hot spots, including The Rabbit in Red Lounge.
While not named, this cute red-head classmate of Laurie's is probably the boy friend of Laurie's nympho pal, Annie. "Oh Paul, we can no longer stall"; yeah we'd all be singing that song as we headed out for a late night date with "old jerko" as Annie called him.
And what about this poor guy? I guess this would be Mister Phelps, owner of Phelps Garage just outside of town. Damn, he was Michael's first victim that Halloween, and nobody remembers the shlub. Well, Mr. Phelps, we remember ... and yes, Michael took his clothes and wore his jump suit for, like, forever!

Could it be? Could this be Laurie's beloved, Ben Tramer? We're not sure, but his hot hair cut, and purposeful stride seems about right. Ben, it's a good thing you never fucked our Laurie, or she'd never have become the original final girl! What a shame he get's toasted in part II!

Sheriff Bracket: Haddonfield's top dawg and father of the promiscuous, drug using, doomed, Annie. Word around town is that Bracket's mutton chops made the lady's knees go weak!

Lest we forget the care-taker of Haddonfield's cemetery. More than likely the town drunk, He was rumored to have had long going affair with the head clerk of Haddonfield Memorial Library.

Woah! Who's the hot cop back there making time with the skirt? We don't know either, but we think he's a big fan of Adam-12 or CHIPS.

Bob! We so totally dig Bob, totally! Don't let those Pondexter specs fool ya, Bob is a sex machine and he knows how to keep his goofy girl friend, Linda happy. If only she did not want a damn beer, Bob would still be boning his way through the gals of Haddonfield.

Oh Mister Sandman, Bring me a Dream....


Inside Katie and Micah's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the sparsely furnished bedroom of that hip San Diego couple, Katie and Micah?

Wonder no more:1: Ugly fabric wall hanging that Katie got in trade for some jewelry that she made for a woman in Encino who could not afford to pay her.

2: Jameson King Bed from Raymour & Flanigan; Micah is still making payments on this.

3: Copy of Greg Capra's Intra-Day Trading Tactics.

4: Copy of the DVD, By Love Possessed.

5: Artificial plant that stands out like a sore thumb.

6: Portal to Hell (note: said portal is in the crawl space found in the hall closet).

7: Scuff marks made by demonic hoof prints.

8: Throw rug purchased at Crate and Barrel.

9: Scratches made by demonic claws.

10: Ineffective house alarm system central control panel.


MOVIE POSTER MADNESS: Films That Take Place on Halloween (excluding the obvious)

Halloween is fast approaching; here's a compilation of posters from films that all take place on All Hallow's Eve - And they are all Michael Myers Free!
A great kids film from the 80's that hearkens back to something like Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.
I know I saw this movie, but for the life of me, I can't recall much of it.
They came to Earth thanks to Orson Welles radio dramatization of War of the Worlds - hilarity ensues.
One of my all time fave Halloween comedy films - campy, silly and fun!
Yeah! A gay slasher film that takes place on Halloween night in West Hollywood - comes complete with lots of buff beefcake and a final boy.
Probably the greatest Halloween themed film of all time. Cary Grant has two doddering spinster aunts who take in lonely old men, have them drink elderberry wine laced with arsenic, and then bury them in their basement.


In Diane and Steve Freeling's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that hip, pot smoking, young couple, Diane and Steve Freeling?

Wonder no more:1: Steve might have voted for Jimmy Carter, but these days he's starting to feel like a lot of young professional men; suddenly, he's felt the calling to the dark side - that's a copy of Reagan: The Man, The President at his side.

2: Thank goodness, Diane still has an open mind - and a connection in L.A. where she can still score some good weed to keep her and the hubby, tuned in and turned on. Note the cigar box stash next to Steve, the joint he's trying to roll, and the doobie Diane is toking on.

3: The latest brochures for Cuesta Verde Estates - phase 6.

4: A book on preadolescence somnambulism.

5: Cheap Picasso knock off picked up at the Simi Valley Sears.

6:Full length mirror where Steve likes to admire his physique.

7: One of many portal's to hell can be found behind the drywall here.

8: Bottom drawer houses The Freeling's collection of sex toys, Joy Jelly, edible underwear and nude photos they took of each other whilst still in college.

9: Family photo taken on Independence Day last year.

10: 100 % Egyptian cotton sheets Diane bought at a chic store in Beverly Hills last month. She felt like such a sell out when first got these linens, but once she lay on them, she realized how good they felt.


In Chris MacNeil's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that house rented in Georgetown by noted actress, Chris MacNeil?

Wonder no more:1: Latest issue of Variety.

2: Newest edition of"How to Survive your Child's Rebellious Teens" by Myron Brenton.

3: A pile of scripts to read including the latest re-write of "Crash Course".

4: Cup of Lipton's tea, laced with some Old Grand Dad (from the night before).

5: Pack of Winston's.

6: Photo of daughter, Regan Teresa, shot by Roman Polanski in Palm Springs last Easter weekend.

7: Under this side table is a curious little statue of the Demon Pazuzu - how it got there, no one knows.

8: Property of Warner Brother's Wardrobe Department; Chris like's this blouse, so she's probably going to keep it.

9: Handwritten note from President Richard Nixon, inviting Chris to the White house for dinner - he was a very big fan of MacNeil's and loved her in "Angel" (Just like Detective Kinderman did).

10: In this drawer, one will find a stash of unsent love letters to that handsome astronaut she plans on inviting to her cocktail party later this week.


In Jesse Walsh's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that All American Boy from Elm Street, Jesse Walsh?

Wonder no more:
1: Under Jesse's bed are a stash of magazines including, Blue Boy, Man Date, Jock and Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

A copy of John Rechy's City of Night, and a pamphlet from A Different Light bookstore that Jesse got two summer's ago when he went on vacation with his family to San Francisco

3: An awesome music collection including Grace Jones - Island Life, The Communards - Red, Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M, and of course,Wish & Fonda Rae - Touch Me All Night Long.

4: A collection of used Kleenex tissues - don't ask.

5: Third drawer of this dresser houses a hidden Beta-max VCR and several cassettes including, The Other Side of Aspen and Boys in the Sand.

6: Tom of Finland poster.

7: A stash of unsent love letters to Ron Grady can be found in this drawer.

8: In the bedside dresser drawer, Jess keeps a found copy of a picture of that cute guy, Glen, who used to live across the street from this house ... he wonder's what became of him.

9: Tennis racket given to him by his gym teacher, Coach Schneider

10: In the shoebox, Jess keeps an autographed copy of a program from Judy Garland at The Palace. Jess was given this keepsake by his confirmed bachelor uncle, Lance.


In Laurie Strode's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of the original "Final Girl", Laurie Strode?

Wonder no longer:

1: The first thing I notice is the James Ensor print on the wall. Ensor was a Belgium painter who created expressionist and surrealistic works of art. Of special note is his painting The Scandalized Masks... go ahead click on the link and take a look - I'll bet that Laurie's brother was fond of this print as well! Ensor had a thing for puppets, masks and skeletons - Trick or Treat!

2: The bloody red heart on the floor can symbolize a lot of things, but I think it's a deflated balloon left over from last year's Valentine's day - Laurie found it strung to her locker and took it home. There was no name, and no one took the credit, but deep down, she hoped it was from Ben Tramor.

3: The bottom drawer of the dresser is where Laurie keeps her passbook from Haddonfield Savings and Loan - Annie was right, she did have a small fortune stashed away from babysitting.

4: The Raggedy Ann doll was a gift from the social worker who took care of Laurie while she was in state custody as a child before The Strode's adopted her. Laurie thinks it came from her grandmother.

5: That's an electric typewriter. Laurie types up all of her term papers, as well as her homework.

6: The globe was an award from the Haddonfield Young Citizen's Club that Laure won when she was in 5th grade. Laurie won the award for her paper on world hunger.

7: That's a photo of two small children, Laurie found it at a flea market a few years ago - for some reason, she felt drawn to it, because a part of her believes she has a sibling out in the world somewhere ... of course, there's nothing to base that on, it's just a hunch.

8: She may be a good girl, but she's also a child of the 70's. Laurie keeps her stash of Blue Oyster Cult 8-tracks and nickle bags of weed in this little case. It has a lock on it so she does not have to worry about her mother looking in.

9: I have no idea what the damn straw hat is all about, but it's just begging to be commented on, so there's that.

10: Stashed in a drawer inside her bedside table you will find, knitting needles and thread, a book on self defense for women, a copy of "Our Bodies Ourselves", and a parcel of un-mailed love letters to Ben Tramor.


Drag Me To Justin Long

Watching Sam Rami's brilliant, Drag Me to Hell for the second time was a whole new experience for me. Forget about that crazy gypsy lady, her false teeth and her demonic curse. Big deal about bugs crawling up the heroine's nose and then finding herself covered in maggot infested vomit. Two figs, is what I give about the dead cat, the talking goat, and the dancing/flying possessed guy...this time, it was all about the sublimely adorkable leading man of Drag Me to Hell, Mr. Justin Long.I admit, I have a soft spot for the scrawny guy, he's just so cute, I want to shove him in my shirt pocket and take him home......what is it? That mop of floppy black hair, those caterpillar like eye brows, that pathetic little bit of facial hair just trying to come in below his beak-like nose?Maybe it's the way he talks, that flat-affect-voice that just makes my knees go all a-quiver......or maybe it's that devilish little grin that lights up his rather boyish face in spite of the fact that he's like, what, 32 (which admittedly is still young in my book).What does Drew Barrymore know that the rest of us don't? What secret has she found that keeps bringing her back to Justy? Is it his Mac? Does he have a really big Mac? Maybe one of those super computer kind of things that's so damn big you can hardly believe your eyes?
I guess this is one of those questions that will never be answered ... probably best to let the mystery be and just dwell on his unquestionable adorkableness.



1976 - what a year! Yours truly was freshly graduated from high school, disco music was all the rage, the Bicentennial celebration was in full swing ...and the following films were playing at the local drive-ins:

Larry Cohen's God Told Me To was released but it was originally called, DEMON!

Before Tess, little Nastassja Kinski appeared in To The Devil...a Daughter.
Earth worms caused terror in the deep south in the classic, Squirm.
Blaxploitation thrillers...they did not make enough of 'em in my humble opinion!
On of my faves - a star studded serving of seventies style satanic cinema! (REVIEW HERE)
Karen Black, Bette Davis and Eileen Heckart - it does not get much gayer than this!
Finally, this classic, not to be confused with The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea