In Jesse Walsh's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that All American Boy from Elm Street, Jesse Walsh?

Wonder no more:
1: Under Jesse's bed are a stash of magazines including, Blue Boy, Man Date, Jock and Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

A copy of John Rechy's City of Night, and a pamphlet from A Different Light bookstore that Jesse got two summer's ago when he went on vacation with his family to San Francisco

3: An awesome music collection including Grace Jones - Island Life, The Communards - Red, Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M, and of course,Wish & Fonda Rae - Touch Me All Night Long.

4: A collection of used Kleenex tissues - don't ask.

5: Third drawer of this dresser houses a hidden Beta-max VCR and several cassettes including, The Other Side of Aspen and Boys in the Sand.

6: Tom of Finland poster.

7: A stash of unsent love letters to Ron Grady can be found in this drawer.

8: In the bedside dresser drawer, Jess keeps a found copy of a picture of that cute guy, Glen, who used to live across the street from this house ... he wonder's what became of him.

9: Tennis racket given to him by his gym teacher, Coach Schneider

10: In the shoebox, Jess keeps an autographed copy of a program from Judy Garland at The Palace. Jess was given this keepsake by his confirmed bachelor uncle, Lance.


wavingpalms said...

too bad you couldn't get the angle with the Limahl poster... or was that in the other guy's room, where he runs screaming, pursued by a girl?

Pax Romano said...

That was in Ron's room...next time!

B-Sol said...

I'll have you know, sir, that I am listed in the masthead of Pro Wrestling Illustrated!

Unknown said...

Haha this is great! I love that scene so much, classic 80s at its finest.

Pax Romano said...

B-Sol, and that's why Jess was so fond of the publication! ;)

Ryne, it's the ultimate in 80's trash. So gay it's beyond gay - I love how the director of the film claims that he never saw any homosexual themes when doing the film - what, was the guy blind?

senski said...

Jesse is thinking, "You know what this room needs? An exploding parakeet!"

senski said...

"And track lighting."

I Like Horror Movies said...

Not pictured: the poster of Eric Estrada hanging on the ceiling

Matt-suzaka said...

Good stuff, Pax! I actually like Freddy's revenge, and I think I have always liked it for its not so subtle gay themes…my favorite is the sexy music that plays in the Blue Oyster club scene. It is clear that Jesse liked dong and wanted to bone Krueger just by looking at the girl he picked...she's a spitting image of the man of Jesse's dreams, but uglier.