New Years Evil

Hello everybody! Sorry I have been ignoring this blog lately, these damn hectic holidays pretty much took the wind out of my sails and left me feeling like Shelly Winters after she swam the depths of The Poseidon on that infamous New Years Eve many moons ago.

I'll be remedying the situation tonight by hosting my annual New Year's Evil Bacchanalian Feast and Orgy. How I wish each and every one of you were here with me to partake in the unbridled revelry. But, as was the case last year, most of you will probably read all about it in the morning papers.

That said, here's wishing all three of my readers, and the fine folks at the League of Tana Tea Drinkers, a most wonderful 2009.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to inspect the costumes of the entertainers... last year we had such a scene when Pedro's codpiece slipped while he was doing an interpretative dance to Ave Satani



A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody

Am I the only one noticing the trend in all of these Michael Bay produced horror movie remakes of late? Mostly it's zaftig women sporting retro eyeglasses...

...or, if the woman in question is not particularly heavy, she is still in need of eye wear.
Here's Leather Face's Mama; young but Rubenesque, and sporting the latest from the Anne Kline White Trash Eye Fashion collection.
With age comes dignity. Notice Leather Face's adoptive mama's tortoise shell specs and, if I am not mistaken, that's a Virgina Slim dangling from her finger tips...

Bee sting lips and no nonsense specs are what the Tea Lady favors ...

...but of course, she's a veritable fashion plate with her blue parasol, Quacker Factory Sack Dress and armadillo accessory.

What's this? Another older woman in cats eye glasses? Yup, this time from the latest Bay remake, Friday the 13th.


A Belated Happy Birthday to Billy Loves Stu!

Wow, I missed my blog's first year anniversary. What do the kids call that? A blogaversary?

What a year and couple of days it's been. I mean, I started this thing on a lark, or maybe it was a Mac, no, it was a PC... but I digress, I started this blog to celebrate gay and lesbian horror, and now, well, what the hell; real life always gets in the way of things, no? I have another blog, and even it has suffered this year as my personal life has been hectic, and blogging is usually the last thing on my mind.

And still, somebody is coming back and reading, and that makes me feel great (as well as guilty). I really wish I had more time to devote to this endeavor.

Be that as it may, I was recently lucky enough to be involved in a roundtable interview over at Dark Scribe Magazine (something I never expected) and that was pretty nifty; of course I suppose that none of this would have happened were it not for the kind invitation to join the Tannis Root Rubbers, err, Tennis Toting Lepers, that is, The League of Tana Tea Drinkers; such esteemed company.

Besides trying to figure when I am going to post the article I've been working on about Jeepers Creepers (any reason to show pictures of the adorkable, Justin Long I figure), I have been lucky enough to post a thing or two that people have actually responded to:

The 12 Other People You'll Meet at Camp Crystal Lake
, was such a hit I actually got an email from someone who claimed that they were related to the late Sally Golden (Golden played the unforgettable, "Sally the Waitress"), unfortunately the sender of said email's return address was faulty, so correspondence with him went nowhere and I am left to ponder the greatness that was Ms. Golden's life.

And then their was the piece of hate-email I got from a fan of Rob Zombie's when I posted, Hey, was Rob Zombie cribbing from John Waters? Here is an excerpt from the charming bit of correspondence:

It's fags like you who don't know the first thing about talent that ruin everything!!!! Rob Zombie is a fuckin (sic) genius and you are nothing but a cock sucker!!!
Doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart? Now here is the funny thing. I DO NOT have a link on this blog to my email, so I guess that my number one fan, and Ms. Golden's alleged relative had to make their way over to my main blog and snoop around.

The best thing about doing Billy Loves Stu has been the interaction with some of the more prolific and talented people out there. Folks like Arbogast over at Arbogast on Film, and JA at My New Plaid Pants, and Absinthe from Gloomy Sunday (where did her blog go?) , and of course, my main man, Vince at Slasher Speak (we share an undying love for Ms Jamie Lee Curtis), as well as that hellish duo, Unkle Lancifer and Aunt John from Kindertrauma, and Adam from Club Silenco; all great kids and awesomely talented writers ; I am so happy to "know" these folks (but not in the biblical sense, ya' dig?).

I suppose I've babbled on enough for now. So, thanks to those of you who come here, and keep checking this space, eventually I will have something worth reading posted ... until then, here's a photo of my housekeeper who upon hearing about my blog's birthday this morning said, "Look at me Pax! It's all for you!!!Good help is so hard to find these days ...


Alphabet Movie Meme (guilty pleasures edition)

Iloz Zoc from Zombo's Closet of Horror reached out and tagged me to take part in an Alphabet meme. Basically, you had to name an alphabetical list of films. There were other rules, I forget what they were, sue me.

In any case, I went with guilty pleasures as my theme for this little endeavor. Each movie is linked so that you can read about it. Trust me, these are all terrific pieces of celluloid trash. You should dedicate the coming year to seeing each and every one of them.

Finally then, if you want to see Iloz's list CLICK HERE. If you want to see where this all began CLICK HERE.