Inside Katie and Micah's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the sparsely furnished bedroom of that hip San Diego couple, Katie and Micah?

Wonder no more:1: Ugly fabric wall hanging that Katie got in trade for some jewelry that she made for a woman in Encino who could not afford to pay her.

2: Jameson King Bed from Raymour & Flanigan; Micah is still making payments on this.

3: Copy of Greg Capra's Intra-Day Trading Tactics.

4: Copy of the DVD, By Love Possessed.

5: Artificial plant that stands out like a sore thumb.

6: Portal to Hell (note: said portal is in the crawl space found in the hall closet).

7: Scuff marks made by demonic hoof prints.

8: Throw rug purchased at Crate and Barrel.

9: Scratches made by demonic claws.

10: Ineffective house alarm system central control panel.


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I Like Horror Movies said...

11. Backup camera for sexy schenanigans

wavingpalms said...

Not sure if this is the best (I think that would be the Laurie Strode, though they've all been good) but this is certainly the snarkiest.

And that's not bad at all. ^_^