In Diane and Steve Freeling's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that hip, pot smoking, young couple, Diane and Steve Freeling?

Wonder no more:1: Steve might have voted for Jimmy Carter, but these days he's starting to feel like a lot of young professional men; suddenly, he's felt the calling to the dark side - that's a copy of Reagan: The Man, The President at his side.

2: Thank goodness, Diane still has an open mind - and a connection in L.A. where she can still score some good weed to keep her and the hubby, tuned in and turned on. Note the cigar box stash next to Steve, the joint he's trying to roll, and the doobie Diane is toking on.

3: The latest brochures for Cuesta Verde Estates - phase 6.

4: A book on preadolescence somnambulism.

5: Cheap Picasso knock off picked up at the Simi Valley Sears.

6:Full length mirror where Steve likes to admire his physique.

7: One of many portal's to hell can be found behind the drywall here.

8: Bottom drawer houses The Freeling's collection of sex toys, Joy Jelly, edible underwear and nude photos they took of each other whilst still in college.

9: Family photo taken on Independence Day last year.

10: 100 % Egyptian cotton sheets Diane bought at a chic store in Beverly Hills last month. She felt like such a sell out when first got these linens, but once she lay on them, she realized how good they felt.


laura linger said...

It's that time of year when my husband and I watch spooky movies galore (of course...who doesn't?).

Until recently, he had never actually seen Poltergeist.

We watched it together with the lights off in the house, the candles burning, and plenty of good grass in the pipe.

It's surprisingly still effective as a chiller, lo these many years later. The dated 80s references are just precious and they do not render the story any less effective. My husband does not scare easily and even he was thoroughly chilled to the bone at the ending.

We live in Arizona, home of wayward growth, surrounded by Native American ruins. Cautionary tale.

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