1976 - what a year! Yours truly was freshly graduated from high school, disco music was all the rage, the Bicentennial celebration was in full swing ...and the following films were playing at the local drive-ins:

Larry Cohen's God Told Me To was released but it was originally called, DEMON!

Before Tess, little Nastassja Kinski appeared in To The Devil...a Daughter.
Earth worms caused terror in the deep south in the classic, Squirm.
Blaxploitation thrillers...they did not make enough of 'em in my humble opinion!
On of my faves - a star studded serving of seventies style satanic cinema! (REVIEW HERE)
Karen Black, Bette Davis and Eileen Heckart - it does not get much gayer than this!
Finally, this classic, not to be confused with The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea


senski said...

It always amazed me that the producers of The Witch who Came... never got their asses sued by Frank Frazetta or Warren Publishing...


wavingpalms said...

GOD TOLD ME TO... I'll admit to a lifelong love of the work of Larry Cohen. He has never been anything less than entertaining. Like my Jessica Harper facebook entry- why aren't they bigger stars? Infuriating.

And although he's not my usual type, Tony Lo Biano is HOT AS FIRE, and what's really fascinating is that Larry Cohen knew it. How else to explain having Lo Bianco parade around shirtless in those white mesh pants? When the only other person I've ever seen wearing that is Zeb Atlas? Hmm? Hmm?

And I always considered SQUIRM to be a minor masterpiece, predating the Rubber Reality flicks that really wouldn't get started for another six or seven years.


I Like Horror Movies said...

Uhh, yeah, that SQUIRM poster? Awesome. Never seen that one, I am all in!