In Chris MacNeil's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that house rented in Georgetown by noted actress, Chris MacNeil?

Wonder no more:1: Latest issue of Variety.

2: Newest edition of"How to Survive your Child's Rebellious Teens" by Myron Brenton.

3: A pile of scripts to read including the latest re-write of "Crash Course".

4: Cup of Lipton's tea, laced with some Old Grand Dad (from the night before).

5: Pack of Winston's.

6: Photo of daughter, Regan Teresa, shot by Roman Polanski in Palm Springs last Easter weekend.

7: Under this side table is a curious little statue of the Demon Pazuzu - how it got there, no one knows.

8: Property of Warner Brother's Wardrobe Department; Chris like's this blouse, so she's probably going to keep it.

9: Handwritten note from President Richard Nixon, inviting Chris to the White house for dinner - he was a very big fan of MacNeil's and loved her in "Angel" (Just like Detective Kinderman did).

10: In this drawer, one will find a stash of unsent love letters to that handsome astronaut she plans on inviting to her cocktail party later this week.


kindertrauma said...

Is legendary actress Chris MacNeil looking for her crucifix in the top shot?

Silly Chris, you better check Regan's ... ummm ... room.

-- aunt john

Arbogast said...

Kids are always snatching your stuff.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Chris steal from wardrobe? Never.. But that scarf does look oddly familiar...