Just call me "Michael Bay"


Love 'em, hate 'em, they just keep on coming. We've seen great horror films like Psycho, Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and countless others remade, rethought, retreaded and rebuilt, and no matter what you or I say or do, the madness will continue.

So I say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!

Always looking to diversify here at Pax Romano Inc, I figured now was as good a time as any to try my hand at movie producing. With that in mind I bring you the following, from Pax Romano Inc. in association with Santanico Pandemonium Productions and Billy Loves Stu Studios:

Coming May of 2009: Misery - Starring Liza Minnelli and Harvey Firestein.
Horror strikes Broadway author, Paul Sheldon (Firestein) when his golf cart tips over at a Catskills resort, and he is nursed back to health by crazed fan, and ex Broadway chanteuse, Annie Wilkes (Minnelli). At first Wilkes seems to be a caring individual whose only purpose is to nurse Sheldon back to health, but when she discovers that her patient is planning on adapting her favorite romance novel into a musical, (and not cast her in the lead) she goes ballistic; making Sheldon a virtual prisoner in her cabin as she forces him to rewrite the lead role for her!

Coming June of 2009: The Bad Seed - Starring Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise.
Terror strikes a devoted Scientologist mother, Mrs. Pennmark (Tom Cruise), when she discovers that her beautiful little daughter, Rhoda (Suri Cruise), is actually a body-thetan filled homicidal maniac! You'll thrill over the battle of wills as Mrs. Pennmark tries to audit her daugh
ter and cure her of her wicked behavior. Also stars Kirstie Alley as the nosey lady upstairs and John Travolta as L. Ron Hubbard.

Coming July of 2009: Whatever Happened to Baby Joe? - Starring Harrison Ford and Richard Gere.
Insanity strikes at an old Hollywood mansion where the cross dressing Hudson brothers, Blaine (Ford) and Joe (Gere), live in relative obscurity. Years ago, Blaine Hudson was the biggest action star in Tinsel Town, of course the albatross around his neck was his kid brother, Baby Joe, who was a TV star in the 50's, but who, as he aged, lost his appeal. After a tragic accident that left Blaine a paraplegic, and virtual prisoner in his own home, he is cared for by his psychotic brother who is waiting for his big comeback.

We are looking for investors!!!!

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Gimme 20 shares on Whatever Happened To Baby Joe!