Profiles In Horror : Chris Moore, The Entertainer

Director, singer, performer, student, artistic-provocateur; Chris Moore defies description, and dislikes labels. With one full length horror film already under his belt (well before the age of 30). Moore is one of those those guys who seems destined for big things. I can honestly say, that I find Chris to be an interesting guy with a future in front of him so bright, he’ll probably have have to wear shades.  

Pull up a seat and meet a guy who loves blood and gore, as well as a  good showtune. 

Chris, I already know that you have a love for musical theater, comedy and music in general – where did the love of horror come from?

I think the love of horror really came from my love of fairy tales back in the day. I was never a fan of the glossy, sugary Disney versions, although I did enjoy them an awful lot. What I remember most are the countless volumes of these stories that I'd check out at my local library. The REAL versions! The Grimm brothers versions! I just loved the villains. They were so much more dimensional than the heroes and heroines. Even before I knew what real horror was, I was drawn to stories like that. The first horror films I can remember seeing all the way through were Psycho and House of Wax when I was around 5 or 6 years old. Before then, if I saw a poster, video tape, or a TV spot for a horror film, I'd rush out of the room, terrified, and then have nightmares about it for weeks.

What would you consider your favorite horror film and why.

Wow! That's a tough one! So many to pick from! I guess I'd have to say Halloween. I know it by heart. It was one of the first horror films I ever saw (the week before Halloween on USA Network! I can remember it vividly!) I just love the atmosphere, the pacing, the music, and the diverse selection of characters. Everyone knows a Laurie, a Dr. Loomis, an Annie, a Lynda, etc. It's such a relatable  film on so many levels. I always felt a little bit like a Laurie Strode with a little Annie Brackett thrown in, of course. Even in a crowd, I sometimes feel alone. I think everyone can identify with that. I've also had a group of friends where I'd stop and think "Why am I with these people? I mean, I like 'em and all, but we're such a strange group!" Plus, I'm sarcastic like Annie and a lot of people around me don't seem to get that. I think lots of people find me cold because I'm a mix or those two. Shy, reserved...but also loud, opinionated, and a little bit of a smart ass!

If you could adapt a horror film and turn it into a big Broadway musical, which would it be? And who would you cast (other than yourself)?

A Broadway horror musical, eh? Gee, Officer Krupke, I don't know! I always felt that Flowers in that Attic might make a good musical, but is that really horror? Hmmm...maybe Pieces if it was staged in an over the top manner! I'd love to hear a big, belty 11 o'clock number called  "BASTARD!" C'mon, that would be gold! I'm glad they're bringing back Carrie: The Musical, though. I think with a few tweaks here and there, it could be a hit! The music is gorgeous!   Actually, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? would be GREAT for a musical! It just came to me!

Your feature film, Perversion , had a very 1970’s vibe to it. Was that intentional? Are you a fan of 70’s cinema in general?

Oh, it was totally intentional! I LOVE 70's cinema! There was such a great "anything goes" vibe to the films of that time period. You could make a film about anything, get it financed, and shown in theaters and drive-ins all around the world. It was a very creative time for filmmakers and they were able to break a lot of barriers and taboos because there were no rules anymore. The studio system had collapsed, so there was no one to say "No! That topic is too hot button!" or "No one wants to see a film about people like that!" It was a terrific time. Plus, the gritty aesthetic is something I like a lot.

Perversion also had a very homoerotic vibe to it. Was that intentional as well, or was it something that just occurred as your worked on the script?

Perversion was originally written with a female lead in mind, but as I was going into the 2nd act, I realized no girl I knew would do this film. And then it hit me! If it was a guy, it would be a million times more disturbing, because no one's used to seeing a guy in jeopardy, especially that kind of sexual jeopardy. I thought it would be fun to play with that and see how an audience would respond. I've seen it with a few different audiences and it's a fascinating experience. I don't think the film would have stood out as much had it just been another "female in jeopardy" film. It would have been old hat, but by simply subverting the audience's expectations, it became something far more interesting.

Are you going to do anymore horror films, or are you planning to strike out in a totally different direction?

I'd love to do more horror films. It's my favorite genre. I'm actually working on a script right now that deals with some other hot button issues. It's about bullying and how it can go too far. It has a sort of Prom Night-esque feel to it. People think it's going to be a typical slasher/revenge film, but it veers off into a different direction and shows how the bullies really feel about what they've done to this poor kid. It's got a pretty sick sense of humor, too, which is what I'm starting to get known for. It's a very dark concept, so I'm trying to help lighten it up a bit, y'know! I'd love to do some more comedy! I love comedy! It's so much fun to play! Acting wise, that's my favorite genre, cause I'm such a goofball, but writing wise, my comedy, like I said, is very dark and twisted. I'm really open for anything right now. A good drama would be fantastic. Or a musical. Always up for a musical. Hey, Mr. Sondheim, give me a call!

Do you think that horror films in general speak to the disenfranchised?

I think horror films totally speak to the disenfranchised. Look at something like Carrie or May. These are profoundly beautiful and moving films where the characters are feeling what most of us have felt at least a few times in our lives. We just want to be noticed. I think that's what all humans want. It's basic and simple. It all comes down to wanting other people to realize they exist. Horror films give a lot of people a way to see that they're not alone. It's kinda beautiful when you think about it. Sure, some of those characters don't win in the end, but it at least puts the spotlight on those wallflower type characters. I wish I knew why I was drawn to these films. It's hard to describe. Believe it or not, I wasn't always the sultry sexpot you see before you today. LOL! I felt very isolated and alone. While I never had any real enemies until I went to an arts college (you don't even have to be looking for them for them to find you there), most of my friends moved away, transferred to different schools, etc. It's hard having your best friends leave you like that. You start to feel alone. I was never that cool , mainly because I was never good at sports in school, although I tried very hard for a few years. Funnily enough, I now enjoy playing sports every now and then. Isn't it hilarious how now, when I don't need them as a social crutch, I enjoy them? I also stuttered, as well, so that never helps! I still don't understand what caused it. Some found it cute, but I just found it annoying. My mind was working faster than my mouth. Maybe that means I'm some kind of genius, huh? One can only wish! I think horror films let me see that maybe I don't have it as bad as I think I do. Plus, they're fantasy films! They take you away into a different world for two hours. What's wrong with that? We all need a little break every now and then.

OK, this is a question that only you could answer: A knife fight between Ethel Merman’s Mama Rose and Bette Davis', Baby Jane Hudson – who gets cut?

Ethel Vs Bette? Oh, my! Well, you know that the real Rose Hovick actually did kill someone and buried her on her farm. I think she was a lesbian, too! I think they should do a sequel to Gypsy and show that stuff. It would be fascinating. As for a fight? Well, Rose was a strong dame! Poor Jane was so in her own world that Rose might very well be able to take her down. She'd at least talk her ears off until she got what she wanted. Rose was far more verbally violent, whereas Jane always seemed more unhinged. She'd probably the one doing the cutting, but I'm sure Rose would cut right back!

Finally, here is your chance, what do you want the world to know about Chris Moore?

What do I want people to know about me? Well, I guess that I'm loyal. Pretty much, pay me a compliment or do something nice for me and you're my friend for life. I love chicken 'n dumplings! I'm a good ol' Southern boy, so my taste in food is pretty simple:if it's fried, I'll probably like it. Except fried Twinkies or (in Oprah voice) deeeeeeppp frrrrriiieeeddd buuuuttttteeeeer! That's just nasty as Hell! I went to a state fair with my friends last year and they had a whole booth of deep friend everything. Even deep fried, chocolate covered bacon! Yeeeesh! Anyway, I'm obsessed with the TV show Gilmore Girls! I think Lauren Graham and I would be a very cute couple! It's my dream to one day play Rose in Gypsy, although it will never happen, as I'm not a big fan of drag. I'm hoping they'll make a version of the show with a Papa Ross instead. It's possible, right? I'm a Stephen Sondheim freak! I love that man. He's a total genius. I have to work with him one day. If I did, I could die happy! I've got a great little YouTube review vlog called Confessions of A Horror Baby, which is coming back this month, where I review the best, worst, and most ridiculously weird films I can find. I work in skits, musings, and the occasional musical number in there. It's a lot of fun! Everyone should check it out! I really just want to get my name out there and have people enjoy my films and my performances. I want to be employed! I'll take anything I can get! Low budget, big budget, birthday parties, weddings, strip clubs, etc.! It's always been my secret dream to be one of those big cult movie stars like Mary Woronov, Joe Dallesandro, Divine, Mink Stole, Pia Zadora, etc. It'd like to at least get to a level of mainstream success where I don't have to worry about money ever again and just do great b-movies for the rest of my career. In the next few years, don't be surprised to see me whoring myself out in movies like High School Musical 6 or on T.V. shows like Gossip Girl. I need the money to make good movies! I just want to entertain! Always have, always will!


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