Profiles in Horror : Patrick Campbell, The Work in Progress.

Known for his minimalist blog, the late lamented, Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing, Patrick Campbell is the kind of guy who can watch almost a half a dozen films in a day and have an opinion on each one. Having recently made peace with his sexuality as well as his spirituality, Patrick is a work in progress. Be warned, I’ve read this guy’s writing; if he ever buckles down to it, he is probably going to set the literary and critical world on fire.

Patrick, What drew you to horror films? Was it a gradual thing, or were you fond of the macabre as a child?

Aside from The Nightmare Before Christmas and my brother's lucky find of Poltergeist at a book sale, not much horror as (a) young one. My teen years brought in more, and then there was conservative Catholicism, and then I watched like crazy.

I understand that you recently returned to Catholicism, do you ever find your spirituality at odds with your enjoyment of horror films?

Not really, no. I'm really open minded, don't care what path you take as long as it's a healthy one. If God's sending me to simmer for eternity for watching horror movies, then I really don't know God.

Let’s talk ex Catholic to current Catholic, what did you REALLY think of The Exorcist and its portrayal of The Church?

I think it portrays evil realistically and shows Priests as they really are, human. I'd recommend it to the religious, non-religious, sorta-religious, etc.

What is your all time favorite horror film, and why.

Friday the 13th, 1980 one. I've seen a lot of times and never been disappointed with it, it kick started my favorite horror film series, and it has my favorite slasher villain. No, not the one in the lake.

Since you identify as bisexual this will be a two part question:
A – What Scream Queen or Final Girl would you most like to date (not the actress, the character)
B – What Horror Movie Hunk would you most like to date (not the actor, the character).

Oh good gravy. Um, for A I'll choose Sidney Prescott. She's dealt with a lot of people who have a lot of problems. She might be able to put up with me, and she'd kick my ass if I deserved it. I haven't seen Scream 4 so this is based on Scream 1-3 Sidney. She may have become an alien in the fourth for all I know.

For B, Friday the 13th's Steve Christy. For the facial hair alone.

Do you think horror films in general speak to the disenfranchised?

Um, yes, they tend to focus on people who don't fit in with what's considered average society. And judging by their popularity, there's a lot of disenfranchised folks out there.

OK, you get a call from the Vatican, Pope Benedict is coming over. What do you serve for dinner, and what horror film do you show him?

Um, oh boy. Is there any way to answer this and not actually receive a call from the Vatican? We're having pizza, who doesn't like pizza. And we're watching Rosemary's Baby. What can I say, he is my Pope, but we're not friends, and if I'm getting kicked out, might as well leave with knowing the Pope's expression if he did watch Rosemary's Baby.

Finally, what do you want the world to know about Patrick Campbell?

I'm a work in progress, and I hope the final art piece is a good one.

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Unknown said...

Keep up the good work, Patrick. I was sorry to see "Stabbing" go.