The Subtle Beauty of The Legend of Hell House

Having recently re-watched John Hough's classic,  The Legend of Hell House, I was struck by what a gorgeous film it really is.  Putting the somewhat convoluted plot aside, the movie is filled with such subtle beauty and such outrageous (albeit brief) sexual shenanigans,  that I found myself rewinding just to watch certain scenes over again.  Here are few captures , and if you have not seen this movie from 1973, get on over to Netflix and do so now! 

Emeric Belasco commands it! 


Anonymous said...

I was scared when I saw this as a kid when I saw this; must have been around 10 (had bad parents?). The ectoplasm was a nice touch. The book ain't bad either. Thanks for the screen shots!

Pax Romano said...

Toda, I remember seeing this late at night many years ago and being surprised at how creepy it was. It seems to get better with every viewing.

kindertrauma said...

Pamela Franklin makes everything more beautiful.

-- aunt john

Anonymous said...

Love it!