Help Save Japan For the Price of a DVD!

Dear Horror Fans, Fellow Bloggers, and Anyone Who Might Have Stumbled Upon This page:

As you are aware, Japan was recently devastated by  an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and a catastrophic tsunami, as well as several jarring aftershocks.  In the wake of this, there is also a very good chance of several of Japan's nuclear power plants  going into melt down mode. 

Thousands are dead, and hundreds of thousands are injured, homeless and in dire need of help. 

And that's where you come in, gentle reader.

Today, I am asking you, horror movie fans, to make a small sacrifice.  Today, I am asking you to lay out what you might pay for a DVD - nine dollars and ninety nine cents - and make a donation to the Red Cross.

Simply click on Godzilla above and you will be taken to the Red Cross page for Japan.  From there, you can make your pledge and know that you've done something decent.   

And, hey, if you don't have 9.99 - send what you can!  Or if you are feeling extremely benevolent, send more!  It's all up to you. 

Thanks so much,

Pax Romano

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