Fresh Slabs of Meat: Hunky Victims (14)

Victim: Carl, the well dressed frat boy from Avalon Bay College in Avalon Bay, New Jersey.
Film: The Prowler.
Hunk Factor: A yuppie with a sense of style, a great head of hair, and a gorgeous smile - what's not to like about Carl?  True, he was a member of Avalon Bay College's Young Republican Club, but we can forgive him that fact as he was just as cute as a button, and had a nice butt that always looked good in a well pressed pair of Farah slacks.

Dispatched By: A rather long bowie knife plunged into his skull by some guy in a gas mask wearing a soldier's uniform.
Played By: David Sederholm

Carl, we hardly knew ye!


Jack Veasey said...

Believe it or not, I've never seen this film, though I've always wanted to. I've really got to track it down. I've seen scenes from it in documentaries about slasher flicks, and it looks pretty scary. Thanks for reminding me.

Pax Romano said...

Jack, it's actually a pretty dreadful film. The opening is very promising (you'll see), but once the actual story begins, it's awful. HOWEVER, the gore in this one is unbelievably brutal and well done. Tom Savini's best make up work and SFX ever.

jeffreygmm said...

it's totally streaming on netflix right now... his hair is everything i aspire to!

AK said...

Oh my Gawd! That's just so utterly wrong-no one that cute deserves to die in such a fashion!
That screencap...!

Will Errickson said...

Yeah, the gory deaths are quite good but the movie's lame. It's not like it's a forgotten classic or anything close. I just looked this dude up on IMDB, you'll dig the characters he's played in various movies:

Biff Buff, Sunglasses, Groom, Coma Guy, Mr. Romance, Date, Man in Black, Randy, Bush Pilot, Handsome Man

I'm not making this up!

Pax Romano said...

Will, agreed. The movie was painful to watch - but Savini's special effects were stomach churning (the woman pitchforked in the shower really made me queasy).

As for Mr. Sederholm, I figured he was doing Shakespeare! ;)

J.D. said...

seeing a handsome guy get killed like that was pretty hard to watch.