Let us Now Pause to Drool : Alcide Herveaux

Note: I dedicate this posting to Christine Hadden

True Blood's ultimate slab of meat has to be that werewolf with a heart of gold, Alicide Herveaux.
I suspect that it's totally OK to drool over this subject since he's ... well, he's so damn drool worthy.
Played by Mr. Joe Manganiello, Alcide is probably the most ripped specimen on HBO's supernatural soap opera.
 Of course, to gain that body, Joe has to work hard...wouldn't you like to be his spotter at the gym?   Hey, hey, eyes up here!
As this photo (courtesy of True Blood High) shows us, a modern day werewolf need pants that will not only accentuate his gams, but be easily removable when it's time to shift.
Even GQ took notice of our lycanthropic heart-throb!
 The rear-view is also quite nice.

See, this is how a werewolf prepares to shift...and it might also get him a job at Chippendales.
 So what if he might tear open your throat and eat you alive in a fit of passion, don't you think it would be worth it?
 I figure a flea collar, some silver bullets (to be safe) and some Alpo is a small price to pay.


Christine Hadden said...

I really can't thank you enough for this post, it was just what I needed! I've no idea what anyone would want with any of those undead guys when they have this fine specimen to feast their eyes on!
Is it hot in here or what? Whew!

Prospero said...

Maganiello is hot, but I'm finding another TV werewolf pretty damned yummy, lately: