Top Ten Willy Inducing Moments

Andre Dumas, she of the fabulous Horror Digest , recently posted her Top 10 Willy Inducing Moments - scenes from films that just made you shiver or gave you THE WILLIES (get it?)   Well, now the damn thing's gone viral and has infected this very blog.

So, without further ado,  I present my Top 10:

1: Regan MacNeil's Bloody Spinal Tap from The Exorcist:
Masturbating with a crucifix, puking up pea soup and spider walking down the stairs all pale in comparison to the spinal tap scene from The Exorcist.  The cold, clinical doctors; the noisy machines; the flashing x rays ... for some reason, this scene makes my blood run cold. 

2: That effin Homeless Person/ Monster from Mulholland Drive:
Meet the freaky deaky beastie who lives near the dumpster behind Winkie's diner on Sunset Blvd.  He/She/It causes nightmares, heart attacks and releases pint size-senior citizen-demons from paper bags.

3: The Wailing Wall from The Haunting:
Good god, this has got to be one of the most eerie bits featured in a film...a deep voice is heard murmuring softly (with the cadence of a preacher), while a child's whimpering is also heard - eventually the child begins screaming; all the while, the viewer stares at this woodcut wall and notices a strange sort of face (well at least that's what I saw).   Too creepy.

4: That effin Truck from Duel:
I hate trucks.  I hate this truck especially because it kept trying to run poor Dennis Weaver off the road.

5: The Posse Bringing Ben's Body to the Fire from  Night of the Living Dead:
With it's allusion to lynchings, this still from the end credits to Night of the Living Dead, creeps me out more than any damn zombie ever could.

 6: Jack Woltz finds a Horse's Head in his Bed from The Godfather:
It may not be from a horror film, but this scene just ruined me!  I guess Woltz should have forgiven Johnny Fontaine after all.

7: Virginia's about to Give a Big Sting from Spider Baby:
...so your stuck in the window of this creepy old house, and you see this nut case coming at you with a a couple of sharp objects...

8: Mike in The Corner from The Blair Witch Project:
MIIIIKKKEEEEEE!  'nuff said.

9: The Blood Filled Tub and Reaching Hand from The Tingler:
William Castle might have been a big old hack - but this scene scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid.  It's one of the reasons I love horror films to this day!

10: Samara from The Ring:
Creepy little girls crawling out of wells and television sets always freak me out. 


Andre Dumas said...

Wow! GOOD ONE on the spinal tap! That jet of blood that shoots out is crazy and I completely forgot about it!!

Thanks for sharing your willies! : )

AK said...

I love The Haunting too-my favorite part is when Nell's in bed holding the other girls hand as they listen in terror to something outside the door...then she finds out her friend wasn't in the room at all!!
And I don't care what anyone else says, The Ring scared me silly-the scene where Samarra's dad offs himself really freaked me out; he just seemed so casual about it.
I might have to do one of these, but I'm afraid it might just reiterate everyone else's choices-all the lists I've read so far are so thorough and well-written!

Jack Veasey said...

I love your list. Gotta admit when I saw "Willy-inducing" my filthy mind immediately pictured something else. "Willies-inducing" I would have gotten. "Willy" makes me think of Bill Clinton with a tent pitched in his pants! :-)

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Great list. The spinal tap one is definitely one of those moments for me. Just disturbing, even next to vadged-up crucifixes and pea soup. I plan on doing this as well. I hope you're on the lookout for it.

Andrei said...

Finally! Finally I see someone mentioning that disturbing scene from "Mulholland Dr.". Man, that scared the crap out of me.

By the way, what's the deal with "The Tingler"? I haven't seen that movie, but is it just me or is it supposed to be in B&W with that blood being in red? Pretty awesome.

Pax Romano said...


The Tingler was in B&W and the scene that featured the tub was in deep red. Of course The Tingler's other great gimmick was that certain chairs in the theater were rigged to give those sitting them a slight electrical shock during certain scenes in the film.

Andrei said...

@Pax Romano

Holy crap, that's awesome! Wait... isn't that like illegal or something?

Pax Romano said...


Actually, it was just a minor shock...Google William Castle, the guy was a lousy film maker - but a master showman!

Andre Dumas said...

@Jack- My main goal was to have the word willy be displayed across everyone's blog and for people to use it for innuendo purposes. Willies Inducing just didn't sound right to me! I think it worked....mwahaha

Christine Hadden said...

Oh man, Pax! You just had to go and mention that horse's head scene from The Godfather...I love horses and that scene traumatized me for years! Still does.
Put that with the horse going off the ferry in The Ring and I'm spent.

Pax Romano said...

Andre, looks like your evil plan is working.

CL, Yikes! I'd forgotten about the horse in The Ring - yeah that was pretty intense.

Michael Granberry said...

I love #2...seriously one of David Lynch's BEST freakout moments. I get the shivers every time I drive past Pink's Hot Dogs in L.A. (where the scene was filmed). Great list.

Pax Romano said...

Michael, I had no idea that was filmed in Pink's parking lot!

Spike Ghost said...

i think when i saw the exorcist i saw a cut version (i saw it back when they still had VHS in video stores XD) because i don't remember that scene from The Exorcist,