Fresh Slabs of Meat: Hunky Victims (12)

Victim:  AJ
Film: Vamp
Hunk Factor:  Not since Ron Grady of Elm Street, have we come across such a hot slab of meat.  AJ's a randy Frat boy who loves the ladies and is not afraid of a little adventure.  He looks good in his tight black undies, and he's got one rockin' head of hair!  When he sets his eyes on the oddly sexy stripper, Katrina, he comes down with a supernatural case of jungle fever that would, sadly, prove to be his undoing.
Dispatched by: A flesh eating, crazy vampire who looks a lot like Grace Jones.
Played by: Robert Rusler.


wavingpalms said...

and let's not forget Keith Haring's bodypaint job on Miss Grace Jones...


senski said...

I miss hair. Both my own, and that of others. I want it to make a comeback.

AK said...

I think we have similar taste in-er-slabs...! I love these posts; all those sweet goofy guys! Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up, I just go through your archives-just what the doctor ordered!
(By the way, my WV is moned)

Unknown said...

hubba hubba.

J.D. said...

whew! now that's an 80's horror hunk that sure to be remembered.