Fresh Slabs of Meat: Hunky Victims (13)

Victim: Unnamed Gas Station Attendant located at the Mobil off of the 101 freeway near Mulholland Drive, past Woodland Hills, Ca.
 Film: Messiah of Evil (aka Dead People).
Hunk Factor: Lets face facts, sometimes you just gotta have a greasy guy who is good with his hands - the type of fella who can change the oil, tighten up the brakes and align the tires.  Furthermore, you will want one like this; with his pug nose and square jaw - sure he's a little dirty, but you can be sure he cleans up just fine!
Dispatched by: Satanic zombie/crazy person.
Played by: Charles Dierkop


Jason Adams said...

This is so weird, I just downloaded this movie yesterday, Pax. I haven't watched it yet though. Dude's a looker.

Pax Romano said...


Great minds, sez I!