Movie Poster Madness: Musical Edition

This is one of the worst films of all time - but when the Del-Aires start singing "The Zombie Stomp", all is forgiven ... well, not really, but it's a great song.

It's not really a musical, but it does have a slew of musical numbers (by Marvin Hamlish, no less!) - and Lauren Bacall is wonderful as she croaks out the timeless, "Hearts Not Diamonds" ... the show must go on!  REVIEW HERE.

OK, this one is still the ultimate - it does not get any better than The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Brian De Palma's camp fest ... have you seen this one?  It's really not that good, and yet, I can't help but watch whenever I stumble across it.

How much do I love this film?  So much that it hurts.  But I still wish they had stayed with the original ending when the monster plant (Audrey II) triumphs and man eating plants take over the world!

Last but not least, a tip of the hat to Mr. Tim Burton for bringing this beloved, bloody, Broadway classic to the silver screen and doing it justice!


Ninja Dixon said...

Don't forget "The Creature Wasn't Nice" from 1983. A musical-comedy version of Alien... with Leslie Nielsen. Quality.

Scare Sarah said...

I love these.

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

OMG I LOVE Rocky Horror, I have a like fifteen inch or so..Frank N Furter Doll, yes that's right a doll. Screw the "My Buddy," "Kid Sister," or "Teddy Ruxpin," atrocities...I'm ALL about the Frank N Furter! Long Live Frank N Furter! Whooo! Lol ;P

Bill Dan Courtney said...

I just saw Horror of Party Beach, finally. It will definitely wind up over at the Uranium Cafe. I could only get a version that was MST3K and while I like the onrunning commentaries by the bots I would have liked this one alone. The beach fight was immortal and the band was dastardly.

impras said...

hey! why no Repo???

Spike Ghost said...

i was going to ask about Repo! too XD