For Your Consideration: Gabrielle Rose in Grace

Hello Hollywood.  I know you guys are busy now handing out accolades to actors and actresses - and that's great.  And while I agree that Mo'Nique gave the performance of a lifetime as the mother from hell in  Precious...I must draw your attention to one other performance this year that was above and beyond the fray.

I am of course talking about Gabrielle Rose as the mother-in-law from hell in Paul Solet's Grace.

Come on Academy, break out of your stupor and take a look at some truly great acting...ladies and gentleman, For Your Consideration:
Gabrielle Rose in Grace

Oh and while we're at it, how about taking another look at the film itself.  
Grace was one of the most powerful movies of the year, and deserves a nomination.  Come on, while I love Meryl Streep...do you guys really think that Julie and Julia was really that good of a film?  There should be room enough at the top this year (ten films can be voted on) to add this dark horse to the nominees.
Come on, gang, what do you say?


senski said...

What I wouldn't give to see Academy member Olivia de Havilland's reaction when she watches THIS screener that she gets in the mail.

Dis Guy said...

You have some great timing Pax, as I just watched this movie for the first time today. I agree with everything you say about Gabrielle Rose in Grace, she was my favorite part of the whole movie. As a whole, the movie for me was very disturbing which for this type of movie just adds to how good the movie is. I had the surround sound turned way up for this one as there are so many subtle sound effects (the suckling by baby grace while she is feeding and the dragging of a certain body across the floor, don't wanna give anything away for those that haven't seen the movie.) that sets the tone and mood of the movie. I won't be watching this one again like I said it was very disturbing to me but that is what makes it so good! I recommend highly.

Matt-suzaka said...

I can't disagree at all, Pax. She was fantastic and a true highlight of the film. For a secondary character to have so much interesting back story and for her to deliver it so spot on, is deserving of some Oscar love.

Bet it doesn't happen though! I'm still bitter about Ellen Burstyn losing to that fish face from Erin Brockovich...I have little faith in the Academy.

Anonymous said...

LOVED this movie. I reviewed it back on Halloween, and I'm already itching to see it again. Having it receive an award nod would be a real coup to the establishment. I do love me some coup.


Pax Romano said...

It will never happen - and that's a shame.

Scare Sarah said...

Disturbing but great film.

And yes, Gabrielle Rose does deserve an accolade.

And I think she's hot.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Fact. But god forbid a genre film make it back into the list. I wouldnt call GRACE a "Thriller" necessarily, so that is automatic grounds for removal. Such a shame, too. An amazing performance that will be looked back upon for years.