Inside Carrie White's Bedroom

Ever wondered what you would find in the bedroom of that mousy girl who lives in that dingy little house with her crazy mother?

Wonder no more

1: Picture of Bates High's BMOC, Tommy Ross, cut out of last week's newspaper's sports section.

2: Mirror cracked recently when Carrie had a mini-telekinetic-meltdown.

3: Scary picture of Jesus that Mama mail ordered from from a company called Opus Dei Direct.

4: A copy of Pat Boone's A Miracle a Day Keeps the Devil Away by  can be found under Carrie's bed.

5: A dog eared copy of Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. is stashed away in this drawer.

6: A small collection of cosmetics from the local drug store are hidden under the Madonna and Child night light on this table.

7: Transistor radio that picks up Wolfman Jack's show late at night.

8: Latest issues of Rolling Stone can be found behind this dresser.

9: A pamphlet detailing what to expect when a young woman get's her first period called, You Are Growing Up, can be found in the center of this history text book.  The pamphlet was given to Carrie by her gym teacher, Miss Collins.

10: One very uncomfortable bed.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, this is awesome. I always love seeing what Hollywood execs think that teenagers bedrooms look like. In the recent water-down remake of "the Stepfather", I couldn't help but laugh at the oldest son's bedroom. I don't recall everything there was any longer, but what sticks out in my mind was a kabuki mask and two--count them, TWO--Chinese checkers boards.

Crazy kids.

Andre Dumas said...

Wait where does she stash her newly acquired "womens products"?

I Like Horror Movies said...

Maybe a rock collection from the asteroid shower not previously shown?

jennypower said...

I love that you did this one! That cut-out article gets me every time. Re-watching this recently I noticed that John Travolta's character starts screaming "Git R Done" when it comes time to murder the pig - is he also to blame for the existence of Larry the Cable Guy? Truly an unforeseen horror.

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

What is it with shy naive girls have nutcases for family members? I wonder is Carrie knew Laurie Strode? ;P