Movie Poster Madness: The Best of 2009

It's turned out to be a pretty decent year for horror films, here are the posters to some of my faves released this year:

Though we had to wait a couple of years for Trick 'r Treat, it was worth it. A grab bag of treats, this is The Halloween Movie a lot of us have been craving.

Another one that was worth the wait. Though we had to sit around until the American remake, Quarantine, played out - seeing REC was a mind blower. One of the two films I saw this year that really got under my skin.

Subtlety, thy name is The House of the Devil. This brilliant thriller, an homage to late 70's / early 80's Satanic cinema was a veritable love letter to horror film fans.

A flawless exploration of motherhood, madness and zombie babies ... it does not get better than Grace.

Fun comes back to horror! Drag Me to Hell was a gory, silly, madcap romp that, despite it's manic energy, seemed to be the perfect story for a country finding itself sinking deeper into financial ruin. Or maybe, I was just reading too much into it.

Sickening and misogynistic to the nth degree, Deadgirl was also deeply disturbing, and very well made. I wanted to take a shower after I watched it.

Last, but not least, Paranormal Activity the other film that got under my skin ... and made me go around turning all the lights on when I was through.


Dis Guy said...

I have to agree with you on Paranormal Activity as I went into it not really knowing anything about the movie. As the scenes played out before me; not only was I on the edge of my seat but I also found myself looking around the dark theater wondering what was there in the shadows that I couldn't see. It truly creeped my out and I had to keep reminding mself it was in fact "just a movie" and not a documentary as it would seem to be.

The other movie I saw on your list was "Trick or Treat". I didn't expect much but let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised! Definitely one of my new Halloween favorites!

And thanks for the tips on a few others I will have to check out!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. This year has been a great one for horror movie poster art (in my humble opinion, a lost art form). Along with House of The Devil, my other favorite is the one promoting the low budget indie gorefest of Summer School. Check it!


Pax Romano said...

POT, WOW! Now that's a poster...

Cheekies, Nice to hear from you again!

I Like Horror Movies said...

My vote has to go to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY since I still havent seen TRICK R TREAT.

Pax Romano said...

So what are you waiting for?!?

wavingpalms said...

House of the Devil... that sounds intriguing.

The only thing me and my boy like better than gialli is 70s Satanism.

Must investigate.