Drag Me To Justin Long

Watching Sam Rami's brilliant, Drag Me to Hell for the second time was a whole new experience for me. Forget about that crazy gypsy lady, her false teeth and her demonic curse. Big deal about bugs crawling up the heroine's nose and then finding herself covered in maggot infested vomit. Two figs, is what I give about the dead cat, the talking goat, and the dancing/flying possessed guy...this time, it was all about the sublimely adorkable leading man of Drag Me to Hell, Mr. Justin Long.I admit, I have a soft spot for the scrawny guy, he's just so cute, I want to shove him in my shirt pocket and take him home......what is it? That mop of floppy black hair, those caterpillar like eye brows, that pathetic little bit of facial hair just trying to come in below his beak-like nose?Maybe it's the way he talks, that flat-affect-voice that just makes my knees go all a-quiver......or maybe it's that devilish little grin that lights up his rather boyish face in spite of the fact that he's like, what, 32 (which admittedly is still young in my book).What does Drew Barrymore know that the rest of us don't? What secret has she found that keeps bringing her back to Justy? Is it his Mac? Does he have a really big Mac? Maybe one of those super computer kind of things that's so damn big you can hardly believe your eyes?
I guess this is one of those questions that will never be answered ... probably best to let the mystery be and just dwell on his unquestionable adorkableness.


senski said...

Yes. Yes. Just yes. Yes to it all.


BJ Colangelo said...

I want him.
So badly.
SOOOO badly.