Not since Jacqueline Susann put pen to paper...

Hey kids, look what showed up in my mail box today!

That's right, it's the latest book from the darling of the slasher set, Mr. Vince "Boom Boom" Liaguno. Yup our own fellow Tana Tea drinker is now in the same leauge as Vanna White, Joan Collins, and of course, Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis; a published diva!

Once I read the review by Walter Somerset of the Long Island Penny Saver who exclaimed, "Not since Jacqueline Susann put pen to paper, has an author created such a marvelous piece of fiction...", I knew I had to get my mitts on this book.

OK, I kid. Actually, I can not wait to dive into this one. Something tells me I am in for one terrific read.


Vince Liaguno said...

You spoil me, Mr. Pax Romano.

I am simply verklempt ~ and uncharacteristically speechless.

HH said...

I simply adore you and your blog.

Since all you gays have been all up in arms about how awesome The Literary Six is, I am afraid I too will have to read it and enjoy it.

Awesome possums.