Horror Movie DILF: Tremors

Name: Earl Bassett

Location: Perfection, Nevada.

Occupation: Handyman

Family: While there is no indication of a proper family, Earl seems to have a rather close relationship with fellow handyman and ne'er-do-well,Valentine McKee. The guys have a rather father/son vibe going on, or maybe it's something else, who knows? Both men have a propensity of wearing very tight pants and like to play with guns - also, it is noted that once Valentine shows some interest in one of the few eligible women who shows up in Perfection, he seems irked.

Why is He a DILF?: When trouble strikes Perfection in the form of humongous sand worms, Earl is up to the challenge - granted, he might not want to get involved at first, but when the going gets tough, he hitches up his skin tight Levis, squares his manly shoulders, slaps Valentine on the butt and takes charge. Frankly his butch demeanor is only matched by one other resident of Perfection, the gun toting, Heather Gummer (who utters one of the best lines of the film as she and her husband are trying to shoot at the giant serpents and she sees that the bullets are not having an effect, "Didn't even get penetration!"). Earl is indeed one hot daddy, and a great unsung Horror Movie DILF!

Played by: Fred Ward (and special notice to Kevin Bacon as Valentine, and Reba McEntire as the butch, Heather!)

Brokeback Tremors



carl4job said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Fred Ward and Harrison Ford- yummy.....

Jack Veasey said...

Fred Ward is a god. I also loved him as Reese Witherspoon's daddy in "Sweet home Alabama," though his buddy relationship with Kevin in this film jacks up the hotness considerably. If you really want to get a better look at Fred Ward, check out "Two Small Bodies," a movie of a two-character play. Fred walks around in his tighty-whities for most of that one.

KiCubby83 said...

Hell to the yeah!!!!! I thought he was hot in that too... BTW.. Just started checking out your blog here yesterday and I LOVE IT. You rock!