Plan 9 1/2

As this is the final day of the Ed Wood Blogathon, I planed on posting as many clips about Plan 9 From Outer Space that I could find, a sort of clearing house of Plan 9 videos; Plan 9 1/2, if you will.

Cutting and pasting (and resizing) these videos took some time, I finally finished up (thanks to Starbucks breakfast blend for the concentration boost I needed at this early hour); may I now present, a small homage to the Greatest Worst Film of All Time, My friends, can your heart stand the shocking videos that are a result of Plan 9 1/2 ?

First up, here's the best lines from the film - more than that, it's a great abbreviated way to watch Plan 9 in under five minutes!

Next, here's a copy of the Plan 9 trailer in color! "It's safe to say that the grandchildren of some of the people in this theater may not be born on earth":

This is pretty nifty: The Big Beat Remix of Plan 9 - I've got to find the mp3 for this one!

Here's a video of the worst of Plan 9 complete with snarky comments. Not that original, but worth a look-see.

Stand Back! This is just sheer brilliance, a group of kids got together and filmed their own version of Plan 9. It seems to have been done some time in 1995 - dare I say it? It's almost better than the original! Made me laugh out loud.

And finally, sit back and tap your toes to Plan 9, The Musical!

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Monster Scholar said...

Thanks for sparing me watching the whole movie with your version of Plan 9 in five minutes=). I applaud all your hard work Pax, I need to try some of that coffee =)