Monster for Sale

For several years the fearsome looking creature you see pictured above, watched the comings and goings on rural road 541 on the Medford / Lumberton border in South Jersey. At night, he was lit with a spot, and his eyes glowed red and menacing.

Of course, he caused a lot of controversy with many locals demanding that his owner remove him.

What the local yokels had no idea of - the beast had starred in a film with Lana Turner - yup, he was shown in all his glory along with Ms. Turner in that camp classic, The Prodigal.

I posted about the beast on my other blog years ago, and even had several of my photos of the beast featured in that month's issue of Weird New Jersey.

Today, as I was driving down 541, I noticed The Lumberton Beast, looking somewhat worse for wear, and situated off the road and facing away from traffic, is now for sale!
I dunno', seeing him faded and chipped and sort of "sitting in the corner" it kind of made me sad. Don't people have any respect for props from B films? This guy should be sitting in The Smithsonian!


Tower Farm said...

So...you're gonna buy it, right?

Pax Romano said...

Billy, I'd love to, but I don't think he'd fit in my condo!

Ninja Dixon said...

Ah, pity that I live in Sweden... and have no room for this...thing. Would love to own it!