Maryann the Maenad & Eggs over Easy

Probably my favorite character on HBO's True Blood, is that vibrating party gal, Maryann Forrester . Man, I so want to go to one of her soirees - even if I end up getting drunk, and slopping food all over myself.

Part witch, part Greek Goddess, part jet setting maenad, Maryann is a Bacchanalian force of nature who will wine you and dine you when she's in a good mood, or morph into a minotaur and tear your heart out if she's pissed off. Best to stay on her good side.

It seems that Ms. Forrester has studied both the works of Tony Robbins and Martha Stewart as she is eager to help certain people live up to their fullest potential (at least that's what she wants Tara to think), and she knows how to throw a social gathering that is beyond compare.

But for all her advice giving, party throwing, and body mauling, it seems that all Maryann really wants is a family. A group of people that will be there day and night to share in life's highs and lows.

I don't know about you, but I'd be willing to join that family - especially if it meant a chance to spend some time with that other house guest, Eggs Benedict Talley ... umm, eggs over easy, err, I digress.

Ah well, I'm off to Bon Temps...


Monster Scholar said...

She does know how to throw a party. Have fun!

kindertrauma said...

I do love me some of that Maryann hotness, but I gotta say Eric, the Nordic vampire sheriff, has really grown on me in the crush department this season.

-- aunt john

Dis Guy said...

it took all of two episodes for me to get hooked on this show! luvs it!

Pax Romano said...

MS, she DOES know how to throw a party!

Kinder, Eric is hot, but Bill is still my fave sucker (any vampire who can have his way with you in grave yard is my kind of demon).

Cheekies, I did not what to expect when I first started watching-the best thing HBO has done since 6FU and The Sopranos!

Eros Ashima said...

I too find the character of Maryann intriguing. I have felt like I was possessed by the spirit of drunken gluttonous madness a few times in my life. It would be so easy to imagine a Maenad was nearby, egging me on to excess, feeding off the energy of my foolishness.

Speaking of egging on, I wonder if Eggs is there to egg Tara on, so to speak, to be re-possessed by the demon she cast out earlier.

Nothing a demon hates more than to be cast out!

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