Where Have You Gone, Marty?

Hey look, it's Marty, the ghost hunter with a big appetite! Man, he had it going on!

You'd have thunk that Marty would have beat a hasty retreat when something tried to take a bite out of him on the second floor of the Freeling's house.
Ah, but turnabout is fair play, so Marty stuck around and raided the Freeling's refrigerator ... chomping on some of Diane's fine fried chicken - and all was well until the steak started crawling across the counter... ...and then began decomposing ... yuck.
Why that's enough to send a guy to the laundry room to puke ... but wait what's this? Marty, you might need some Clearasil, buddy.

Where have you gone, Marty?

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Star said...

ew gross!!! when i was little, that was the scariest thing i'd ever seen in my life. well, until that clown came to life towards the end...
"marty won't be coming back." (yeah, no shit, lady.)