Steve Hammond in Miracle Mile

Arbogast has a great review of the overlooked and, mostly forgotten, 1988 film, Miracle Mile. You must really go read it HERE.

For years I've been telling people what a great film it is, and THEN I tell them to watch closely for a cameo appearance towards film's end of gay porn star, Steve Hammond. I finally found a rather grainy still to prove my point (below) of Mr. Hammond (on the right) with Miracle Mile's star, Anthony Edwards.

Below that still you can find the poster for another of Mr. Hammond's films.


Anonymous said...

Steve Hammond was alright. He used a stunt butt for his scene with Jeff Stryker.

Arbogast said...

It's such a bizarre moment in Miracle Mile because the guy Edwards sees at a distance looks nothing like the guy he paid to fly the helicopter. You can tell all the way across Wilshire Boulevard it isn't the same guy. Maybe Edwards just wanted an excuse to touch him.

Pax Romano said...

A "stunt butt"? Wow, who knew?

I think I read somewhere that De Jarnatt knew Hammond and offered him this small role as Hammond was anxious to break into legit films.

Anonymous said...

That is SO funny. I just saw the movie and recognized Steve from Stryker Force. Small, small world. Is Steve still alive?