"It's Time to Leave the Electronic Store!" : Lessons Learned from Cloverfield

* Only attractive, light skinned, twenty-somethings live in the trendy parts of Manhattan.
* Never trust you friend, the cameraman, to keep a secret about whom you've slept with.
* It is really sad when you are hitting on someone who has no interest, and you are filming them at the same time ... I mean, it is pathetic ... and then there will be documentation of it!
* Coney Island is for lovers.
* The best way to get those pesky guests to leave a party is to have explosions going off in the distance.
* Yuppies will flock to the rooftop for a better vantage point if they think that a terrorist attack is occurring.
* There is only one possible response to seeing the head from the Statue of Liberty come flying through the air and land on your block; "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!"
* The giant monster is not named, "Cloverfield". I think his name is actually, "Ogdon".
* You don't want to be on the Brooklyn Bridge when an amphibious creature is on a rampage.
* Apparently, some women can run miles in high heels, as well as climb ladders.
* Even though someone has a metal rod protruding from her side, you can pull her off said rod, dust her off, and she'll be ready to run out of a building that is caving in.
* The monster has some kind of dog sized body lice, if they bite you, you will blow up.
* Please don't walk on darkened subway tracks.
* If you drop your camera, don't run back for it.
* Speaking of cameras it seems that there is a new digital mini-cam that never runs low on battery power!
* When the atom bombs are dropping, and the world is going to hell, that's when you say, "I love you".


Wes Fierce said...

Actually, the film runs only 1hr15min I think, and if the camera was turned on and off for the parts that were filmed, the camera still should have about 45min left of battery time, based on the avg battery life of a modern video camera. Im not trying to be a know it all, I just think that is a clever aspect the filmmakers inherited by choosing the first person perspective in which to present the story. :) Hooray for commenting in the archives! btw, I laughed out loud at "* The monster has some kind of dog sized body lice, if they bite you, you will blow up."

Anonymous said...

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