Horror Movie DILFS: The Langoliers

Name: Captain Brian Engle

Location: Past, present, and future.

Occupation: Jet Pilot for American Pride Airlines.

Family: Unknown (though the rest of the cast makes a sort of surrogate unit for The Captain).

Why is He a DILF?: With those broad shoulders, blue eyes and baby face; Captain Engle comes across as the ultimate father figure. Soft spoken, deceive, willing to take charge, and yet, a definite aura of sensitivity seems to emanate from him. Who would not want to sit in Captain Engle's cockpit while he steers his massive ship through the friendly skies ... as well as time portals! And then, when the badly animated Pac Men time-eaters show up, it's Captain Engle who manages a magnificent,seat-of-your-pants-escape!

Played By: David Morse


Anonymous said...

I'd watch gladiator movies with him any day!

Anonymous said...

I once saw him in the Italian Market when he was filming that cab driver show here in Philly. He is seriously TALL! I am over six foot and I had to look up to see his dreamy eyes.

Anonymous said...

add me to that fan club--I have even watched that aaawful movie several times, just to dream about him--and the Aussie!