Lessons Learned from The Invasion

* In spite of the botox and face-lifts, Nicole Kidman still has some expressive movement to her face.

* The "pod people" no longer need pods to replicate. Though it is uncertain if they need iPods.

* A smart eight-year old can learn quickly to give an ephedrine shot.

* Though the invaders claim to have no emotions, they still attack those who can not be changed, which seems to indicate that they must feel something.

* Nicole Kidman, no doubt, used her tenure with Tom Cruise to get into character for this role.

* Never drink coffee while at a CDC press conference.

* Avoid this movie at all costs and watch the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers or the remake from 1978


Liz said...

Nicole Kidman use to be so pretty and she just isn't now. I think her and Tom broke up over relgion.

Jason Adams said...

Man this movie was a turkey. I did love the "vomiting into the coffee pots" moment, though.

And that pic you used, Pax, keeps freaking me out - that bald man in the mirror behind Nic! It's like the midget that hung himself in The Wizard of Oz or the ghost behind the curtain in Three Men and a Baby. Only I think that Invasion pic is a promo pic and not actually a moment from the movie, so a background figure can be excused more easily.

Pax Romano said...


WOW, I just noticed the guy in the background! It is freaky!