Grande Dame Guignol: Carrie

Name: Margaret White. Single mother, religious panhandler, seamstress.

Location: Unspecified blue collar town in Southern California

Modus Operandi:
Sexually frustrated, religious zealot, probable member of Opus Dei. Mrs. White spends her days going door to door, preaching to her neighbors about sin and asking for donations. She is still not over the fact that she had sex, got pregnant, and had a child and that her husband left her. Rotten parenting skills: views her only daughter, Carrie, as a walking sin; a reminder that she was "weak and backsliding", and says to her offspring that she should have given her "back to god" when she was born. Believes that her daughter's first menstrual cycle is further proof of the child's sin. Prone to self mutilation, literal biblical interpretations, wearing black capes, and using a butcher knife in attempt to kill her child.

Camp Factor
: Over the top! When not screaming bible passages in a hysterical rage, Mama will toss her daughter into a prayer closet and lock her in for the night. Will also toss off such classic lines as, "I can see your dirty pillows", and "The first sin was intercourse! SAY IT!"Goes nutso while chopping carrots. Dispatched by a bevy of kitchen utensils hurled at her via her daughter's psychic powers until she is left looking like a crucified Saint Sebastian.

Played by: Piper Laurie


Anonymous said...

Eve was weak! Say IT! Eve was weak!Eve was weak!

Pax Romano said...

"Red. I might have known it'd be red"

"It's pink, mama"

"Take off that dress and we'll burn it together and pray for salvation!"