On the Air!

Since the name of the game these days is "shameless self promotion", allow me a second to engage in that practice and point you to a podcast featuring yours truly...yes, really, it's me full of caffeine and ready to chat up a storm with the Don Draper of the Horror Blogosphere, Brian Solomon over at Conversations in the Dark at The Vault of Horror.  Joining us, was that most charming zombie commandant, Captain Cruella.   

While we were supposed to be debating the films and social consciousness of George A. Romero, we also managed to touch on topics  like horror themed porn, and Sharon Stone (and you know those two subjects always go hand-in-hand).  Anyway, give a listen by clicking the link below.


Anonymous said...

A little annoying when they were playing the Halloween theme which made some parts hard to hear. Otherwise, brilliant!

Pax Romano said...

Thanks DMJ!