Horror Movie DILF : The Car

Name : Wade Parent

Occupation: Sheriff of Santa Ynez, Utah.

Family:  Divorced, ex-wife's name unknown.  Daughters, Lynn Marie & Debbie.

Why is he a DILF? :  Because he sports a porn stache, wears Aqua Velva, drinks a bit too much, is bitter over his divorce, recklessly drives a dirt bike...and yet, despite all of this, he's a caring father to his two little girls and devoted to his girlfriend (the local marching band coach, Lauren).  

And then, when a demonic coupe begins to terrorize his town, Sheriff  Parent gets it together,  and along with his posse of fellow law men, leads the Satanic sedan to a fiery end.
 Played by: James Brolin


The Goodkind said...

Yes, not only is Brolin a veritable farm full of studs in this movie, but the movie itself is utterly awesome. (Though I think it is set in New Mexico)

AK said...

This is such an awful-but enjoyably so!- film; I remember the first time I saw it as a kid, just fun and goofy and occasionally scary. And James Brolin is indeed one hot toddy, although I think Josh has surpassed him at this point.
(writing this off the BF's PC so forgive the lengthy comment)
Just saw Scream 4 a few nights ago, I think your review was spot on! I'm glad I saw it but...I don't know, nothing spectacular. I hope the next one's better!
(Oh and PS, your comment disappeared off my piece about Cousin Miriam, but rest assured, I read and appreciated and responded to it before blogger went haywire)!