Grindhouse - Outhouse: DOGHOUSE

2009's Doghouse is about a recently divorced Brit licking his wounds, and his mates who decide to take him on a get-away weekend in the country.

With an opening ripped directly from the style book of Guy Ritchie, and a liberal nod to  Shaun of the Dead, Doghouse begins on a promising note, but quickly falls apart.

Early on we are made to understand that each of these guys is living with a woman who is a harridan - and the one gay guy in the group is living with his stereotypically bitchy, needy boyfriend.  OK, message received:  All Women are Bitches, All Gay Boyfriends, The Same. 

Offended yet?  I was.  
 The fellows are all portrayed as man/boys.  Moronic half wits who can't commit to anything other than their relationship to each other, beer and their libidos. 

So eventually, the guys end up in a secluded hamlet deep in the English woods, all of the men in this town are missing and all of the women have turned into flesh eating zombies.  That's right, big breasted, shrieking zombies - oh and look, the first ghoul shown is a bride! Gee, what's that supposed to represent?
Loaded with misogynistic, homophobic, sophomoric wit, Doghouse thinks it's a smart throwback to grindhouse when actually it's more like a trip to the outhouse.   


Unknown said...

I love how the female zombies in exploitation horror flicks all have enormous knockers. I guess the small breasted women have less to hold onto so they don't get caught!
One of the movies that I hate most is "The Last American Virgin." It was supposed to be a comedy but it was the most misogynistic piece of shit that I have ever laid eyes on. I was seventeen when I saw it and I remember sitting there seething the whole way through. It's one thing to have a good sexy romp in a movie, it's another when it's nothing but woman hating misogyny.

Rhubarb said...

Curiously 2009 also produced the film Lesbian Vampire Killers in which lads go to a remote English village to cheer up one of them who's been dumped by his "bitch girlfriend" and they find that all the woman have been turned into man hating lesbian vampire killers. They have no choice but to kill them.

I'd actually hoped it was about lesbians who slay vampires but that wouldn't be as commercial.

I don't know what was with British horror cinema in 2009 but it wasn't pretty. I don't like to pre-judge but I've stayed away from both films.

JamTheCat said...

But...but...but it's got Danny Dyer in it (and please pay no attention to the fact that he's turned into the Kevin Bacon of cheapie British crap movies; he used to be REALLY good).

The Goodkind said...

Well, Shaun of the Dead wasn't much better, just a little more subtle.