Son of the Daughter of the Mother of the Father of Horror Porn

Horror porn goes meta to the nth degree.  Check out this blurb from the press release:  

The plot: a big adult film company is producing a parody of the classic horror movie Scream when one-by-one the cast and crew are being picked off by a slasher with a grudge. Is it Ghostface himself, or someone else taking his place?

“We have created a movie-within-a-movie that riffs on the entire porn parody craze in the same way that “Scream” deconstructed horror films,” says Braun. “Movie fans will not only love the layers of detail the spoof offers but the sex that fills the script. Eli has put together a clever, sexy movie with hot girls, uproarious fun and plenty of thrills — an excellent recipe for great entertainment.”
 This gay porn epic claims to be "critically acclaimed"; by the box cover creator no doubt.
...becuase the original was not outrageous enough?
Best title: Dr. Jerkoff and Mr. Hard. Directed by Wash West (AKA Wash Westmoreland who gave the world the mainstream gay porn thriller, The Fluffer).
Subtle, no?

This one is slated to show sometime in October, check out the press release:

(Chatsworth, CA) Smash Pictures invites you to take a sexual tour through Haddonfield on the most thrilling night of the year in HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody! Set to lens soon, HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody is an X-rated re-imagining of the classic film. It was thirty three years ago that one of the recognizable horror movies of all time was unleashed and the name Michael Myers became part of pop culture. Now, Smash Pictures revisits that familiar territory with an adult video parody of that iconic film. The nubile babes in danger, the voyeuristic view point of Michael, the sexual escapades of the partying young adults, all elements ripe for parody and to be explored in HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody.

“We’re quite excited about this project and are going all out,” says Stuart Wall-VP of Smash Pictures. “I really believe this film will please fans of the original as well as people who want to see erotically entertaining adult movies.”

HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody will begin filming in the next few months. To find a porn counterpart to John Carpenter, Smash Pictures looked to award winning veteran adult film director Jim Powers to lens this tribute. Powers has filmed well over a thousand X-rated films and has established himself as a director well-versed in premiere erotica. Powers, himself a fan of the original movie, plans to surprise viewers with the parody. “I’m really going to stay true to the source material,” Powers explained. “It’s rich with sexual overtones that we could utilize. Fans of the movie are going to be thrilled to see how we take the layers of the Carpenter film and have fun with it.”

Casting for the parody’s version of the iconic roles made famous by Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance, Nick Castle and P.J. Soles will take place next month. Smash Pictures is looking for talent to re-create the memorable scenes. Be it the sexually charged playfulness of Annie Brackett and Lynda Van Der Klok or the dominating presence of Myers, Smash Pictures wants to stay true to the feel of the original. There is also a standing invitation to any of the ’78 Halloween cast to cameo in HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody.

The HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody boxcover design plays a perfect homage to the movie poster artwork, with its uniquely sexy take. A set of female silhouettes form the unmistakable pumpkin shape, while Michael’s trademark knife is present in the forefront. Even the recognizable tag line is lampooned with “The Night He Came!” The DVD will come specially packaged in a eye-catching Point Of Purchase display for video stores to capitalize on Halloween sales.

HALLOWEEN XXX Porn Parody is slatted, fittingly, for an October release. This Halloween, be prepared for the night he came!


Cinema Du Meep said...

The night HE CAME!


Fred [The Wolf] said...

LOL! I love porn and their funny titles. "The Night He Came"...fuckin' brilliant.

Toon said...

I can't believe anybody would bother to make a parody of "The Craft". What?

J.D. said...

this is so hillarious. How many horror porn parodies will they come up?

Unknown said...

Ha ha! Judging by the covers my brother and I would both like "Phantom of Lust." He'd have a happier ending than me though--he could watch it with his boyfriend later and both of them would be hot and bothered. My husband is no homophobe but watching guys having sex does nothing for him! However, I'd be hot and bothered, so I guess it would work for both of us anyway!

Anonymous said...

lol i love those porn parodies posts XD
And Halloween seems to be the perfect movie to parody... It's basically a sex scene, then a kill, etc... If well done it could actually have it's moments.