Gay Men Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger 3 : Kristy Jett ( AKA Twinkey Bear)

Today's profile of a Gay Man Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger is that force of nature known as Kristy Jett.  Blog-mistress, horror-glad-rags-pusher, bad ass, and, revealed here for the first time,  a John Water's loving - Joseph Gordon Levitt stalking  Bear Cub.

We caught up with Kristy at the Eagle Bar in New York City last weekend... put on your protective gear and read what she had to say:

1: Everyone knows your Female Horror Blogger Name, what's the name of the Gay Man Trapped inside? 

Twinkey Bear

2: Does your inner Gay Man ever color your opinion on the films you are watching, and if so, how? 

My inner gay man is a bear who looks to be about 16 years old (just look at me!), so I tend to let him roll with the punches and enjoy tons of exploitation films like Black Shampoo and Bare Behind Bars. Let us not get started on my love and affinity for John Waters films- especially Divine!

3: How will you be celebrating Women in Horror Month this February? Do you celebrate it? If not, why not? 

Oh do I celebrate Women In Horror Month! I treat every month like Women In Horror month by supporting all of my fellow gals in Horror, as often as I can...which is every day :) This month I am celebrating my working on my own portfolio, not selfishly, but to get more exposure to women in the Horror biz. I have upcoming articles in Paracinema Magazine, Ax Wound Zine (created by Women In Horror month founder, Hannah Neurotica), HorrorHound Magazine and Fangoria Magazine!

4: More importantly, how will you be celebrating Gay Pride Month this June?

I will be celebrating gay pride month by watching Showgirls over and over again in honor of my wonderful friend, celebrity manager, Mikey Perez. In addition to that I will be further screaming out loud about how insane it is that it isn't 100% legal for same sex couples to marry everywhere in the world. And attending the Rochester Gay Pride parade- Rochester has an amazing Gay community, including the Image Out Film Festival which features all LGBT films!

5: Is there a Grande Dame Moment in any horror film these days - some over-the-top performance by an actress akin to Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”? 

Princess in The Loved Ones! One of the articles I am working on for Ax Wound is all about her. She is the fiercest cunt I have come across in a long time...aside from me of course!

6: Who would your inner Gay Man like to see running around naked in a horror film? 

My inner bear loves cute, scrawny pretty boys, so let's say Joseph Gordon Levitt....I would ride him sore.

7: Who would your outer Female Horror Blogger like to see running around naked in a horror film?

My female blogger loves scrawny nerdy boys- give me Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg! I love a boy with a lisp....rawr.

8: How do you balance the over-all-fabulousness of blogging with the more mundane aspects that is your life? 

THERE IS A WORLD OUTSIDE OF BLOGGING?! Oh wait, nevermind, silly me...that's Brandon Sites answer. My answer is...I forget, what was the question?

9: Do you think that there are some Lesbians Trapped in the Body of Straight Male Horror Bloggers?

I mean this in the most complimentary way, and only because they are so supportive of females- James Cortez (Planet of Terror), Zach Shildwachter (Z for Zombies) and John Squires (Freddy In Space). Those three guys right there, make me proud to be a blogger/sitester just because they raise the female flag so high and are such righteous feminists!

10: Gay or Straight, Trapped or Out: What is your view on Horror Blogging in General these days?

To anybody who cares about writing and spreading their love of Horror it is still a beautiful arena to share the passion and make new friends and peers. Sadly to most (Brandon Sites, Rhonny Rheaper, Aleata Illusion, Cruella Moxham) it's all a race to see who can make themselves cyber famous first. Newsflash: You will never get famous the way you are trying to. Secondly, learn how to spell, use grammar, stop selling your souls for screeners, stop cutting, some of you should stop plagiarizing, remember there were films before Saw, reviews should be more than two sentences long if you want to be taken seriously, there is a life outside of dressing like a zombie 24/7, everyone is sick of zombie walks and most of all, pull your heads out of each other's asses. Nobody outside of a small corner of the blogosphere has any idea who you are. We're all nobodies, don't forget that.

11: BONUS QUESTION: It's Friday Night, what are we drinking bitches? 



James Gracey said...

Hah! This made me LOL, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Nice work.
Oh, and make my kahlua a double. ;o)

jmcozzoli said...

My word, that was wild. Good interview. Exhilarating. Dangerously so.

Pax Romano said...

JM, indeed sir.

James, after that I needed a double shot of tequila! ;)