Gingerdead: The Adventures of Nella & Nello

Submitted for your approval is a short film co-written by, co-directed by, and co-starring one of my Facebook Friends, Chris Moore.

Moore and his partner in crime, Nina Scholl have served up Gingerdead: The Adventures of Nella & Nello, a bastardized version of Hansel and Gretel that takes place a few months after the events of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.   This 16 minute opus has everything: love, death, blood, cookies, and even a musical number - and more than that, it's hysterically funny!  Honestly after watching this one, I  declare the following: "I have seen the future of underground cinema, and its NAMES are Chris Moore and Nina Scholl!

Now sit back and enjoy as Bruno Zipes tells us why it's dangerous to be orally fixated...

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Gryphon said...

Jeez, they didn't even have the imagination to call it 'Hocus Poke Us.'