Movie Poster Madness: The Return of Horror Porn!

True Blood finally got the porn treatment with this little chestnut entitled, Tru.
True Blood love continued with this tasteful gay film, Twink Blood.  This one comes complete with a blooper reel!
"They Suck! They Fuck! They Kill!"  No, it's not a movie about The Tea Party, it's Dawn of the Head.
The star of An Erotic Werewolf in London is the winner of my fave porn star name!
Samara's back, and she's horny in The Taunting.
Probably the classiest box cover for a porno film - The Sex Files II.
Mormon Gals Gone Wild in Twilight of Virginity!
and finally, everyone's fave teen wizard is bastardized, tattooed, and, apparently, given steroids in Whorrey Potter and The Sorcerer's Balls.  Oh, and it's in 3-D to further your viewing pleasure.


Zachary Kelley said...

I love it, Pax. I've seen a few of those flicks and a couple of others with Miss Mundae (Spiderbabe and Lord of the G-Strings while not horror are righteously funny.) Great post!

Zach S. said...

a collection of win if there ever was one. Great post, the smile of my day.

Jack Veasey said...

These are a scream. Thanks, Pax!

I guess there'd be nothing to stop one from making one's own porn "Sam And Bill" spinoff -- IF one were lucky enough to find two willing guys who looked the part! The title: "Hard Water in Bon Temps."

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Absolutely hilarious. Misty Mundae...yum.

wavingpalms said...

Okay, that Porn-Mulder, unlike the real Mulder, might be REALLY REALLY HOT. Must investigate...


Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

Not The X-Files... noooooo!!!!

Unknown said...
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