Halloween is almost here, and while that means all your fave horror bloggers will be falling all over themselves cooking up posts about favorite monsters, movies, screams and scares, I'd like to ring in the season by paying homage to that confectionery delight that is highlighted this time of the year: Candy Corn...read on and learn.

Anyone who does not like candy corn, can not be trusted! -- Pax Romano

While some sources claim that candy corn was invented by George Renninger sometime in the 1800's; the true aficionado of this confectionery delicacy understands that it has been around since the dawn of time. Even the bible makes mention of it:

From the book of Genesis 002:666 -- And God said, "Let us now make the most fabulous foodstuff , and let us make it in shades of white and orange and yellow, and let us fill it with such sugary goodness it will make men's eyes roll back in their heads, and let us call it Candy Corn". And god made the candy corn, and saw that it was good.

Most of you know the important role that Candy Corn has played in history; the ancient Aztecs used it to trade for goods... the Greeks built several temples out of candy corn... the Romans paid their most prized servants with it who in turn used it to buy their freedom ... the Great Candy Corn Crusade was of course one of the most brutal battles of the middle ages ...and, of course, every school child remembers the story of the Cleveland Candy Corn Party.

During World War II, Candy Corn was in such demand by our troops in The Pacific, special operatives delivered the goodie in dangerous midnight runs -- maybe you read the book about these brave men, The Corn Runners, that was made into an Oscar winning film that starred Clark Gable and Betty Grable.

To truly understand what makes the tri-colored taste treat so special, one only need know the secret ingredients: see chart below

Fun Candy Corn Facts:

* Recently, the USDA has added Candy Corn to its food pyramid.

* Studies have shown that children who get at least three, six ounce, servings of Candy Corn daily, grow up to be well-adjusted, and do better in school than children who abstain from Candy Corn.

* Albert Einstein ate six bags of Candy Corn every day of his life!

* One kernel of Candy Corn has as much protein as a 15 ounce steak!

* During the month of October, some Catholic Churches replace the Communion bread with a special Host shaped piece of Candy Corn.

Finally, if you want to drink your daily dose of Candy Corn: try a Candy Corn Margarita!


deadlydolls said...

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Seriously, I keep huge bags in my desk at work and when I start to get tired, I stuff a bunch in my mouth and work on speed dial for about 20 minutes. Get everything I need done. Then rest until the next dose is needed.

I love them. Love them so much.

Pax Romano said...


I have a jar filled with Candy Corn on my desk!

We rock out loud!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the fact that World War 1 was fought exclusively over candy corn. And that shit led to the Holocaust. Candy Corn is some serious shit.

Toon said...

And it's made with soap!

jmcozzoli said...

Hip Hip Hoorah for candy corn. I can't get enough of it on Halloween. And I will positively slay for maple candy corn! And wow, now I know why Einstein was a genius: he ate so much candy corn. I've got to up my daily quotient, then ;)

Matt-suzaka said...

I always seem to forget that I like candy corn, in fact, I completely front on it until I find some near me. That's around the time my hand forms a shovel like shape and my mouth becomes full of yummy joy. I'm talking about the candy corn, perverts.

I wonder if candy corn has the same ability to resist breakdown that normal corn does? Better check next time to see.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than the candy corn mix bag, the one with the original, the indian corn and those fucking pumpkins that are just oh so addictive

Anonymous said...

Hilarous post, Pax! That's why I chose it as one of the best of October during my Halloween Blogathon. Here's a LINK, if you want to check it out.