Horror Films that Every Self Respecting Gay Man Should See: The Fan

 * for gay pride month, part of an ongoing series

Film: The Fan

Stars: Lauren Bacall, James Garner, Maureen Stapleton, Hector Elizondo, Michael Biehn

Director: Ed Bianchi

What's So Gay About It?:  Bitch, please!  A slasher film that takes place on The Great White Way; Lauren Bacall as "the final girl"; a sexually confused, baby faced killer; Maureen Stapleton getting her face slashed; Over-the-top-musical-numbers; Bacall croaking out songs by Marvin Hamlisch and Tim Rice; a plot that seems to be one part "Applause", and one part "Halloween"; James Garner when he was still HAWT; the infamous "blow job scene" that ends rather horribly.

Cool Stuff: OK, this movie get's a lot of grief because the killer is probably gay.  I say, screw that, it's just a movie, and the killer's sexuality seems an important part of his character's motivation - I could not imagine a straight man chasing a middle aged Broadway diva around trying to kill her, unless he was a critic maybe!

Gay Quotability: What's the matter? I've got a show to do in five days, the lighting man appears to be learning on the set, my secretary has been attacked, David is dead, and oh yes their is some fruit cake out there who want's to kill me. Now to satisfy you more will you please get the hell out of here! 


Amy Shamey said...

I only discovered your blog the other day, but I love it already!
It's supremely awesome!
- Amy x

Pax Romano said...

Thanks Amy!

Star said...

oh my god, i love this movie. michael biehn was SO young and betty bacall was really spectacular in those last few moments. she's such a tough girl!
(ps~what a nice compliment from amy!)

Pax Romano said...


I love this movie - and I worship Bacall, but her singing...oy vey.

And yes, that was very sweet of Amy.

Jack Veasey said...

When I really want to treat myself, I make a double feature of this film and "The Eyes Of Laura Mars". They complement each other very well.