Horror Films that Every Self Respecting Gay Man Should See: What's The Matter With Helen?

* an ongoing project for Gay Pride Month

Film: What's The Matter With Helen?

Director: Curtis Harrington

Stars: Debbie Reynolds, Shelly Winters, Dennis Weaver and Agnes Moorehead.

In a Nutshell: In the early 1930's, Helen Hill and Adelle Bruckner's sons are convicted of murder.  The women realize that they can no longer stay in Iowa,  so they change their names, and move to Hollywood where they open up a dancing school for Shirley Temple wannabes.  At first, everything is wonderful, but soon, Helen starts loosing her grip on reality and the bodies begin to fall!
What's So Gay About It?:  Bitch Please!  As if Debbie Reynolds and Shirley effin Winters was not enough? Imagine Debbie in Jean Harlow drag acting all slutty; imagine noted closet case, Agnes Moorhead playing a character based on Aimee Semple McPherson; imagine dozens of little brats tap dancing like a fevered dream of Baby Jane Hudson; and finally, and most importantly, imagine Shelly Winters losing her mind and shrieking madly killing fluffy little bunnies as well as various unlucky humans.   Oh, and her character is sort of in love with Debbie's!!!!  This is Shelly in her most jaw-dropping-over-the-top-banshee-from-hell-performance ever!
Cool Stuff: The murderous sons were loosely  based on Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb.

Gay Quotability: I offered you my blessing. You refused it. Now move along! 


AK said...

This movie is sooo dark, but for some reason it gives me the giggles-Shelley whimpering and gasping and mewling like Liz Taylor in withdrawal!

Pax Romano said...

Rob, it's a riot!

Jack Veasey said...

I can't imagine why I've never seen this, but I've got to remedy that as soon as possible.

Pax Romano said...

Jack, it will change your life! ;)