Horror Films that Every Self Respecting Gay Man Should See: Hostel

* an ongoing project for gay pride month

Film:  Hostel

Director: Eli Roth

Stars: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson

In a Nutshell: Two college guys abroad follow their dicks to a hostel that is supposed to be filled with women who love to fuck American men.  Once they have checked in to the Eastern European inn, they are kidnapped and brought to a grimy enclave where rich men pay handsomely to torture, maim and kill college students.

What's So Gay About It?  Bitch Please! Jay Hernandez is a pint sized sexy, pouty lipped, final boy who looks great with a ball gag in his mouth - no wait, I kid, I'm a kidder!   But seriously, as much as I detested this disgusting little movie, I could not help but feel that Eli Roth might have been working through some kind of sick, sexual longings that might have been festering in his head.  Oddly, this movie focuses on men, victimizing other men to satisfy a sadistic urge - clearly the patrons of the Elite Hunting Club are terrified by their sexual desires - but mutilations?  Hey, that's cool.  But back to Hernandez - I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that the character of Paxton might be the first honest to goodness "final boy"... and he's way prettier than Jamie Lee Curtis .
Cool Stuff: Actually, less cool, and more disturbing: Roth claimed that his inspiration for Hostel came when he heard about alleged "murder vacations" that were available in Europe for wealthy folk with a taste for blood.  Apparently, he could find no one to talk to about this - hopefully it's just an urban legend.
Gay Quotiablity: I get a lot of money for you, and that makes you MY bitch.


Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

I've always found Eli Roth to be totally hot! :D

kindertrauma said...

I always loved that the actor who played Josh was also on Strangers With Candy as Jerri Blank's beau who contracts a nasty case of the STDs.

Good times!

-- aunt john

Chris H said...

I wonder what Hostel would have been like if women were doing the pay-as-you-go torture instead of pervy old guys?

slasherfan said...

Didn't Final Exam have a final boy?

Pax Romano said...

Slasherfan, I hate to admit this-but I've never seen Final Exam. I will give it a look see at your recommendation!

Chris, I saw bits and pieces of part 2 - I vaguely recall a woman torturing another woman in that one.

Aunt John, I was not aware of that fact!

Te*, I have this love/hate thing going on with Roth - you know how that goes.

slasherfan said...

Definitely check Final Exam out! I actually think it might belong in this series, along with many other slashers.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Great feature! I'm a perfectly straight male, but I love reading and hearing different opinions about horror films. You brought out some interesting points LOL. Keep up the great work!

Pax Romano said...

Fred, glad I could be of help to a perfectly straight male.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Im amazed the salad lover didnt come up at all here Pax, let alone the blond dude's clear homophobia. There are so many countless homosexual/homophobic references in HOSTEL it might as well be NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2! =D

Pax Romano said...

Carl, indeed!