ADD Film Review: Daybreakers

A few years from now the world will suffer a vampire pandemic that will leave most of the inhabitants of Planet Earth, blood suckers (chain smoking, and dressed like they just walked out of a Mickey Spillane novel, blood suckers, I might add).  Society has adapted and the vamp majority has acclimated it self to night time living-death-life .  The only real problem is that the human's are dwindling, and the blood supply is running short.  A big company has been farming humans for their plasma, but since the live stock is almost gone, a substitute must be found.  You see, if a vamp goes with out for a while, his or her fashion sense flies out the window, and he or she becomes a crazed Nosferatu-like beastie
It seems that there is a resistance group of humans (along with some sympathetic vamps) who are not only fighting to reclaim the world,  they've also discovered a cure to vampirism.

Will the good guys win?  Will Willem Dafoe chew up the scenery?  Do you even care?

Suffice to say, this is a loud movie; things blow up, and there is a lot of violence.  It's perfect mindless fun, just don't expect too much, and you'll probably enjoy it.


Scare Sarah said...

Awesome. Yeah thought this looked pretty good.

Jack Veasey said...

I plan to check this one out soon when it hits my cable channels. I'm glad to see Willem has a goatee in it; I like him better with hair on his face.

Whatever happened to just buying cattle blood at the butcher shop like Angel and Spike?

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

There are many gay undertones in this film Pax. When a certain vampire is trying to cure him/her self of being a vampire, they are exposed to the sun and burst into flames, making them “Flamers” then they put out their flame and have ‘converted’ back to what they consider normal. See….GAY! ;P

I really liked this film, even though I don’t believe in a vampire cure, you are who you are, darnit! ;P

I Like Horror Movies said...

Sometimes we all just need a little mindless vampire action!