The Man of Your Dreams

So today is the day that Platinum Dunes releases their latest remake, yes kids, Fred's back and Michael Bay's got 'em.

Considering how lame the other remakes have been, I will be sitting this one out - but will give it a look-see when it's on DVD.

To tide everyone over, here's a round up of Elm Street related items that yours truly has posted over the years:

First up, I ponder the question we've all been asking about Nancy's boyfriend: Where Have You Gone, Glen Lantz?

No matter what, you know that Nancy's Mom had it Going on!

A gay boy on Elm Street needs a place of his own : In Jesse Walsh's Bedroom.

Speaking of Jesse here is Repressed Sexuality on Elm Street.

Enjoy the remake, I'll be watching Survival of the Dead on VOD tonight!


Jack Veasey said...

Thank you in particular for "Nancy's Mom Has It Going On." I always thought so too!

Pax Romano said...

You know Ronnee? That is so cool. I loved her in Nashville.

Jack Veasey said...

She's a great person.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Very nice, catching up on the ones I missed!