ADD Review: BLOODY REUNION (aka To Sir with Love aka Seuseung-ui eunhye)

A young Korean school teacher gives birth to a deformed child, her husband commits suicide after he sees the beastly baby...fifteen years go by in the blink of an eye, and now the teacher is sickly and wheelchair bound living in her seaside home above her long closed school.  She is cared for by one of her former students who understands that the woman is not long for this world, so she sends for some of her former classmates for a last weekend - a sort of Big Chill event.

Unfortunately, it seems that the teacher, Mrs. Park, might have been a less than stellar educator as each of the, now, young adults is carrying a grudge against her...to complicate matters more, it seems that someone wants to kill off the classmates.
A series of grisly murders occur...a weird stalker in a paper bunny mask is running amok ... several of the students are having hallucinations ... and what ever happened to Mrs. Park's deformed son?
All in all, Bloody Reunion is a nifty little slasher film with a clever twist ending.  It's nothing earth shattering, but it works as a stomach turning exercise in bad taste with a handful of creepy moments.


Jack Veasey said...

I think I'd like this one. A killer in a paper bunny mask -- I don't know why images like that strike a chord in me, but they do. Thanks for the head's up.

Pax Romano said...

JV, it's a pretty neat little slasher film, with a very nifty twist ending - and as I pointed out, a few of the murders are pretty damn grisly.

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

Looks very interesting, I may have this a view.

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

* to give, to give, I mean't to include 'to give' into my above comment. ;P