Movie Poster Madness: Flesh, It's What's For Dinner

A brilliant, pitch dark comedy set in the Eisenhower Era about an Ozzie and Harriet couple who happen to be cannibals! What do you mean you've never seen it?
As always, John Waters was way ahead of the pack with this twisted fairy tale that ends with the citizens of Mortville feasting on the corpse of their disposed matriarch, the evil Queen Carlotta (played by the legendary  Edith Massey).  What do you mean you've never heard of it?

Not a horror film, but a deeply disturbing tale of revenge , best line (uttered as a woman is serving up her dead lover as dinner to her husband), "Start with the cock, you know where it's been".
Another non horror film; a brilliant black comedy about a couple who pose as swingers and kill the horny bastards who come to their apartment, steal their wallets, and sell their bodies to a dog food manufacturer.  And yes, Raoul does become the main course by film's end. 


senski said...

Tonight for dinner, I think I'll have "leftovers-to-be."

Unknown said...

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover always shows up at my college library - professors take it out a lot. I've never seen it, but whenever it comes my way I take a few moments to look it over before putting it away.

NicoleHynes said...

Here's a cannibal you won't forget

I Like Horror Movies said...

Parents = awesome

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

I haven't seen Parents in YEARS!! I'd totally forgotten ALL about it! I guess a re-watch is in order in the near future. ;)

wavingpalms said...

I love PARENTS beyond all reason. It was, I think, the *only* thing that copped a vibe from BLUE VELVET that held its own.
Who knew that Bob Balaban could be such an amazing director?
Also, I'd kick a nun in the balls for that house.


wavingpalms said...

I meant to add my 2¢ about EATING RAOUL, but it wasn't terribly substantive, just something like 'Mary Woronov crazy hot young Robert Beltran blah blah blah.'