ADD Film Review: Sorority Row

Set at the same college sorority house where Hugh Hefner shops for new play-mates, Sorority Row tells the tale of a practical joke that goes wrong.  Several months after the fatal joke, people start turning up dead.  Is it revenge from beyond the grave?  Is it a crazy outsider?  Is it someone who has seen too many slasher films?  

Who cares?   Frankly, I was rooting for the killer in this one as the six sexy sorority sisters are a lame bunch of airheads and all deserved to die.  Carrie Fisher (as the house mother) brings some much needed camp value to this one, I wish she had turned out to be the killer, or the final girl.

The murders are creative, the plot is full of  holes so big you could drive a station wagon full of pretty, white co-eds through it.   Still, one could do worse than this film, it's a silly, stupid, fun ride.


Anonymous said...

I've avoided this like the plague (mainly because I think the original is one of the worst slashers ever). But I love Carrie Fisher and now I'm curious. I had planned on not seeing this and being OK with it. Darn you Pax!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Garbage. I hated this one, didnt find the kills to be impressive in the least and the chicks annoyed the hell out of me.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

I actually didn't think it was all that bad. Is it as good as the original? No. But it was fun and nothing more. That's all I ask for sometimes.