ADD Film Review: A Perfect Getaway

Not so much a "whodunit" - more of a "whogonnadoit".  And no, it's not a slasher film either.  A couple on their honeymoon meet up with another couple on their honeymoon, and then they meet up with yet another couple (who are not on a honeymoon) - suspicions arise, red herrings (and red snappers) are everywhere.  Timothy Olyphant shows his butt.   Breathtaking scenery of a remote Hawaiian Island . A wry sense of humor keeps this movie on track (sit back and wait for all of the references to other films, film making, and film plots).  Have fun and enjoy the twists and turns...did I mention that Timothy Olyphant shows his butt?


I Like Horror Movies said...

This one was a trial of patience for me, just too mainstreamy for my taste, and I hated the 180 turn in the editing and stylism once they made the grand reveal.

wavingpalms said...

Love love love most of what David Twohy has done, and this was no exception.

As for the Timothy Olyphant- afterward, my bf informed me that leading up to that shot I was saying 'Please please please please please...'


Pax Romano said...

Carl, I see you point - the film (especially at the start) was like being beat over the head with fake clues (cue the scary music! look at that headline!)- that said, I just put my brain on auto pilot and enjoyed it.

JMS, When they got to the lagoon and the woman was on the raft, and TO started getting naked, I felt like a gift from the gods was handed to me. ;)

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

I heard that Timothy Olyphant shows his butt in this film...yeah I think I heard that somewhere. (LOL) ;P